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    Currently carry a G26 Gen 4, but I am getting an itch, I'm wanting to get a G36, was wondering from those that have a G36 how you like it and what is the recoil like compared to G26. I know it's going to be more then the 9, however is it a significant difference? I carry a G21 on duty but have never shot a sub compact 45.
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  2. iamthedood

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    I had a 36 that sucka was loud as hell!

  3. glockguy13

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    Yes I'd like to know the same question
  4. Webphisher

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    My G30 has more kick than the G21 Gen4. Not un-usable by any means, and I kinda like the feel of it. Not shot a G36 but I would imagine if anything the kick would be slightly more than the G30 being a slimmer gun.
  5. Happysniper1

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    I have a G30, and have fred a friends' G36, and have noticed no significant difference in recoil. What i DID however notice, was the G36 had a more "positive" feel in my hand, as opposed to the G30. It kinda felt more comfortable (I have small hands) but the trade-off of course is magazine capacity.

    My EDC is a G26, and the difference between that and my G30 can be summed up in two words: achy wrist. I can (and often do) fire up to 800 rounds in a single afternoon in the '26....after about 300 in the '30 I have to give up. But, like I said, small hands.

    Oh, they were all Gen3's. I salivate like Pavlov's dogs when I hear the phrase "Gen4"....haven't sated that appetite yet :D

  6. TheKraken

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    I have a g36 or my EDC and I love it. The recoil is very manageable. Just slightly more than my G22 and Browning High Power 9mm. And in my opinion, very accurate. Here is a few pictures of my first time at the range with my G36. I do not have or ever shot the G30 but I can say that I love my G36. Also, very comfortable for everyday carry. Just my .02

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    Nice shooting there, Lee! You just know that THAT zombie is d-e-a-d!
  8. iGlock

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    I carry a g30. Recoil aint bad, imo its less snappier than my g23 was.
  9. Kmurray96

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    I carry a G36 off-duty. Kind of hard to get a lot of after market parts because of limited inter-changeability with other models.

    Originally got the G36 because of the grip size of single/double stacking issue between the G36 and the G30.

    I found the G30sf solved the problem and I'm getting ready to switch. If I stay .45 cal, I'm going with the G30sf.

    I got away from .40 cal because of early arthritis. The G36 is better. It falls between the .40 and the 9MM in felt recoil. The G30sf should feel even better because of the added weight. It should also cut down on muzzle flip for that same reason.
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  10. davemanz71

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    I have moved up from a G27 gen 4 to the 30 sf. It is my EDC. I would recommend it to anyone.