This is how NOT to do it! BE SAFE!

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by KeenansGarage, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. KeenansGarage

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    This was posted by local Glock armorer, when checking out a pistol:
    Figured I would spread the knowledge. I know the pistol was bought in that condition and the shooter didn't know any difference until he brought it in to be looked at. Safety first my friends!
  2. iGlock

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    Wow...someone tryna make a hair trigger or somethen lol.

  3. Boracay

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    That's not a 25-cent Trigger job.. that's 50!

    I dunno if he's really trying to lighten up the trigger pull or making it a full auto.. :confused::confused::confused:
  4. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    This keeps running through my head:
    Polishing does not mean grinding!
  5. Silly rabbit... Glocks are for men.
  6. WOW I'm guessing that gun was one swift bump away from an AD....

    I havn't ever purchased a used gun before but if I do, you can bet I'm going to break it down completely!
  7. david1962hd

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    WOW!!! I would ask what this person was thinking, but its pretty clear, HE WASN'T!!!
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    That is a good practice when buying a used gun (which I have not done yet). I have done that for every new gun I have purchased though. I bring my tools to the shop and break the gun down on the counter (after asking of course) and do a quick once over just to make sure everything looks the way I would expect it to before I pay. I also double check all of the packaging before I walk out the door to make sure that everything I paid for has been wrapped up and is leaving with me.

    Its easy to forget something when you are excited about getting a new toy.
  10. nyycanseco33

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    Thank you KeenansGarage, this is a perfect example of what not to do and for others to look for when possibly buying a used Glock... This is unacceptable for safety reasons alone... Another proof of some armchair armorers doing their own work after getting poor advice from another forum (I was slamming another known Glock forum - we all know who lol)... We are great here at this Glock Forum with helping each other, and we all offer our experience and knowledge do therefore I trust what this site has to offer :)

    Anyways yes thank you for sharing that, it's very important for people to see that things like this do happen
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    Yea I've seen things like this on the Internet. It's supposed to reduce the friction with the firing pin safety. I think it's crazy personally. You should first learn how to shoot accurately with a stock pistol and if you want to compete then worry about lighter triggers. It takes practice but in the long run its better to learn good trigger pull on the stock trigger. Trigger pull is key to accuracy in any gun. And the stock trigger will also be safer. And polishing is an exception because it doesn't really lighten the trigger as much as smoothing the pull. Just my opinion but this has worked for me.
  12. nyycanseco33

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    Yeah I just don't agree with the common lay person grinding away on the firing pin like that unless they are adequately trained to do so correctly, the problem is that most of the people who modify like that don't have the machining training to know how/what to do without it going too far and the results it will create... I just view it as a violation of public safety and violates the unwritten laws of firearm safety
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    You can say that again!!!!:)
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    ^^^^^^ lol!
    i say it looks like he was trying full auto
  15. Webphisher

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    Ya, I would rather buy all my guns stock then do the work myself. Thats insane.