This guy killed those people, NOT the guns!!!

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by Devinh2, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Last I checked, when someone gets killed in a car wreck, the driver goes to jail, and cars are still legal!! Let's not let the media attack our guns!!
  2. Yep, Drunk Drivers kill thousands of people each year yet I hear no one calling for a ban on cars or alcohol. Of course banning guns has nothing to do with keeping people safe. It's all about the government having more control over people. A disarmed society is easier to push around. That's why our Founding Fathers put the 2A in the Constitution in the first place, they didn't want the government to every have the upper hand over the people ever again.

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    But they did ban alcohol once!! Look how well that went! The Kennedy's got rich from it! And then became gun haters.:(
  4. Yep, Prohibition didn't work then and it's not working now. Most of the gang related crimes that take place are over drugs. If drugs were legalized, taxed and you could get em' at your local "Drug Store" then you'd not have to buy them from the gangs on the black market, they'd lose money and wouldn't be able to continue to function. The government would gain money through the tax and folks that wanted to mess up their lives with drugs could do so in a more safe manner. People are going to do what they do, legal or not. May as well make drugs legal and take away the black market so the gangs won't be able to profit from them like they do now.
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    Quit making sense!!!! You know the government doesn't listen to that!!
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    Outlaw hybrid cars!!!!! Their battery systems give them extended ranges which let them drive further and can possibly kill more people without refueling!
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    You guys are making senseless accusations, they should ban spoons and forks for making my friends fat..if it wasn't for those darn sporks they wouldn't have eatin all that tasty stuff that made them put on so much weight. SUPPORT MY CUTLERY BAN AND SAY NO TO FORKS AND SPOONS.
  8. And don't forget to cut their fingers off so they can't use those to eat with.LOL.:D
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    Oh yea forgot those, support the ban on all forks spoons and fingers that way people can't get fat! Lol 
  10. Also, on a different note. Looking at this guy I feel such sorry for him. I know it's "normal" to hate people like this but as a Christian I just feel like he's been Used by some Evil Entity and now he's left holding the bag and he's totally clueless as to what he's done or the destruction that he's been a part of. He's going to have to live with what he's done for the rest of his life. If we buy into the hate then we're also being used as pawns in Evil's twisted game. I do pray for Justice for those that were killed and hurt by him but I also pray that he'll understand what he's done and ask forgiveness for it before it's too late. This whole deal is just very sad.
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    I completely agree after all someone like myself or just another armed law abiding citizen could have been a different turnout and lives could have been saved.

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    How do you propose we do that?