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    a little back round my Grandfather and all his brothers are Vets (air force/navy/marines) my dad didn't enlist.

    I just turned 27 and own my own Construction business, did pretty well last year. I have been in the trades for ten years but have been around it my whole life.

    So hears the thing I love to travel and I love what I do especially engineering. To me construction just isn't the same as when my dad and grandfather was in the trades and I really don't like the way it's headed. If I enlist I would want to make a career out of it not just 4-8 years. I would want to get a degree in engineering and see where the Airforce will take me.

    This is my last year before I can no longer enlist with the Air Force (due to age) and would love more advise from any one wanting to chime in on there experiences and advise. Thanks in advance.
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    My pastor was in the air force for 40 yrs. Flew b1 and b2 bombers. My sis was only in the air force for 2 yrs, was gonna make a career out of it but something happened involving her husband and son.

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    Go for it!

    Go for it! I joined the AF when I was 26. Those were the best years of my life! I did 7 years of service, and three tours in Iraq. I would probably still be doing it if I wasn't married. I was in the Security Forces career field (military police).

    Just make sure that you get the job that you want before you sign the dotted line. Don't let them enlist you as "open general" because you'll probably end up like I Security Forces. I hope this helps you some. PM me if you have any more questions. I just got out last year. Take care bud, and good luck!
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    One of the biggest regrets in my life was not enlisting when I had a chance to.
  5. I can say that ten fold.:(
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    Do it

    Sounds like you've thought it through very well. I'll tell you the same thing i would tell my kids if they told me they wanted to serve. Focus on a skill that will be marketable for life after your service. Anything technical in nature will serve you well. You want to be able to set yourself up to be in high demand afterwards. Using the Army as an example: Jumping out of airplanes is cool, being a trigger puller is exciting, but your options after the Army are limited in comparison to a technical degree with experience.
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    Good point, I want to do something in the engineering field or go way left field and set myself up for a Federal job. I think if I joined and gave up the business I would like to make a career out of it.

    My uncle is still in the navy joined at 18 he's 52 now haven't talked to him about it yet but plan on it.
  8. glocknloaded

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    When you got out did you keep with the security forces trade? LEO etc...
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    I was active army for four years. Now I'm in the army reserves. Just make sure you know what you want before you sign your life to the military. People at MEPS are asses! At least here in south Florida. Don't let them or any recruiter lie to your either. Get school and a bonus if you can that's a plus.
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    DO IT. But if I might make a few suggestions:

    1. Skip the enlistment bonus that requires you to sign on for 6 years instead of 4. (See #3)

    2. Pick a career field with a typical-length tech school (6 months or less) to get yourself off training status as soon as possible. Initial Entry Training status destroys all sorts of options, prevents you from attending outside schools, gets you treated like a child, not an Airman. AETC prides itself on its "Airman Leadership Program" which is their method of identifying the biggest egotists among you and your peers, and giving them just enough authority to tattle on everyone. Remember, you'll be training with kids fresh out of high school. Better to get through your initial entry training and get started on your military career soonest. If you're overqualified for the field you're in, great - you'll get promoted faster, and you can concentrate on a civilian education to fall back on if you need to.

    3. If you want a more specialized career field, you can insist upon retraining as a condition of your first re-enlistment 4 years down the road. The AF will almost always let you do that on your second term. Use your first term to build your own marketable skills; use your second term to develop your military career. As a bonus, prior-service personnel are treated as Airmen during their retraining period, not children.
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    I agree. Don't get swindled by the recruiter(s)! Get the school that you want. Remember it's your contract!!! Good luck to you!

    *especially at MEPS! That's where all the business, medical, contracts, the oath and all that takes place...
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    I'm going to school using the post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits. Another great reason to join! After that I have my LEO experience to fall back on, yes.