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  1. First off Thanks to all of our boys over seas.
    Glad to have my brother home from 2 tours over there. I understand why him and his friends don't like the Black Water guys and why they talk so bad about them.


    I thought I read some where that Black Water changed its name and was under new ownership to try to get away from crap like this. Guess not.
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    that is so crazy and wrong in every way. i cant believe that one guy just walked out in front of them like that.

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    That kind of driving was not just contractors, I've got a couple buddies who were over there with the Army and they showed me several videos of them driving through town hitting cars in intersections, and intentionally giving cars a bump in their rear when they were not getting over fast enough.

    The video of hitting a pedestrian and keep on trucking may be an extreme, but honestly we don't know the back story of where they were headed, and we don't know if they called for someone to come help the guy. If they were enroute to help some of our guys pinned down by snipers, sorry no time to stop and help the guy, maybe they sent some medics to attend to the pedestrian.

    Those short videos without knowing the backstory are awfully hard to pass judgement on.