There is a new kid in town!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Gman56, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Picked up a gen3 G22c today! Cleaned her have not shot her I will be going to range as soon as I finish this post. I took some pics I hope this works!

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  2. GAgal

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    Nice! Getting a new Glock makes any day great! Make sure you post a range report and let us know how she does.

  3. dutchs

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    Man!! That's like fine artwork to me!!! Well done Gman! Well done!
  4. I used to live in NJ...where are there any ranges?
  5. Thanks. I belong to two ranges one is on Ft.Dix the other is near lakewood CJRPC.CJRPC is a fantastic range ! They have a 250 yd and 300 yd range indoor pistol and 9 range pits.Ft.Dix has gone downhill fast it is a joke anymore.But for $60 dollars a yr and 3 days open you get what you pay for.
  6. Well I went to the range today. The Glock performed flawless!Not one problem no brass to the head or face!She is a compensated version.Tried to get the so called exhaust to the face it did not happen. Even shot weaver stance still no exhaust to the face or brass! I read all these post about how a compensated pistol is not good for hd because of blowback to the face. Another internet story spread by those who dont have one or never shot one!All I know is I have a compensated that is very accurate and works GREAT!