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    Finally got it going how I wanted it to. Its not a standard AR format, its the Sig550 format so most AR stuff doesn't fit, like the Magpul trigger guard that I found out after I bought lol, but I don't care. I love this rifle for what it is. Got a 5.11 ATAC L2 light in a side mount, the Magpul AFG2 and tons of PMag30s. The top has an EoTech 5.12 and the gun also has Sig's rotary dioptic iron sights. I may decide in the future to get a Magpul MIAD grip and modify it to fit, but for now I like the grip it has. I can also get an adaptor to fit Magpul AR stocks, which would then give me a collapsable folding stock. But now, she's beautiful.

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    Looks very good. I can't wait to get a rifle.

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    That's one sweet can zombie repellant you have there!
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    Thats a great looking rifle. I love sig rifles.