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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by rickjames, Jul 10, 2012.

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    My brother, who just went to basic for the Air Force SEER special forces? I think that's what it's called, train very tough whenever we worked out together. I have a treadmill, sit-up bench, flat bench, PowerBlocks Urethane 5-50lbs set, 100lbs Punching bag with a Speed bag on the other end (I know, cheap century setup but It's more than enough for what I do), Jump rope, 40lbs (adjustable) weighted vest that I run, jump, & sprint with. Perfect Push-up, Perfect Pull-up on the floor haha. 3 sets of Boxing Gloves, 2 sets of MMA gloves, body protection for sparring. P90x and Insanity (both from beach body).
    I was in the process of buying some headgear so my brother and I can Box it out Head to Toe but since he was leaving I did not want to drop $200 on equipment.
    I will also post a Video of him and I sparring (body shots only) with boxing gloves.
    Now that it's summer I run at least 2 miles every other day while incorporating my weekly workout along with that. I like to bike as well. I also Play basketball while my kids are at the park. I need to do more swimming though.
    So for the most part ,Physically, I am above average for conditioning but nowhere where I'd like to be.
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  2. rickjames

    rickjames Hard Work! Dedication! Supporter

    sorry about the sideway photos, I couldn't upload via computer so my Phone turned them





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    Dude, you're an animal! Good on ya. I did a round of P90X a couple years ago - only missed one day. Good stuff, but it gets time consuming doing that 6 days a week and getting my running miles in. Keep up the good work!
  4. rickjames

    rickjames Hard Work! Dedication! Supporter

    I never fimished p90x, like you said way too time consuming. I have 2 little girls that take up most of the afternoon.
    Good job on only missing one day. I did about 3 workouts and went back to my old routine.
    I like insanity though. If you would like I could burn you a copy of it to give it a try. I also have Insanity Asylum. Let me know.
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    Ditto on time consuming. I felt good doing p90x but an hour a night I just couldn't keep up. Two teenagers and life in general.