" the kids need new shoes but we need gas masks and .223 ammo more"

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  1. Preppers, you are being herded like sheep by the gun makers, ammo dealers, and beef jerky plants. They love this prepping stuff. I will not say where i work but since the "impending collapse of the usa" our sales have gone up close to 70%... As a fair person i feel i must at least give you another way to think about our impending doom at the hands of our own government. Its a Y2K shopping scam. There is no danger and your spending your retirement and kids education money on freeze dried fruit and bullets that have names like "zombie max" Are you people blind? My grand father had a "fallout shelter" in his basement that would have done absolutly nothing in the event of a nuclear attack. It is the same for you who buy 9mm ammo by the truck load thinking you will run off the entire population of your nearest large city before they get lucky and shoot you after your first 16 mags are empty. Or do you really think your ar-15 is going to work against an attack helicopter from china? Or 15 of them. Why dont you enjoy your lives... go on vacation... have fun with your life, dont sit around making plans for where to store your 600 gallon water supply..... the cancer or heart attack will kill you before the zombies will i promise......:eek:
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    Could not have said it better.... While I enjoy watching theses whack jobs on "dooms day preppers" they really need to get a clue!

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    Get a clue? Get a LIFE Lol!!!
  4. That show is fun to watch... gee whiz
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    That is what the Zombies want you to think!!!!!
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    Doomsday Preppers is the lunatic fringe...and not the way everyone who prepares thinks or acts.

    I have taken precautions and I do have plan should the SHTF...as I do believe it will be up to you...and you alone...to survive.

    Everyone should take steps to survive a natural disaster...but I'm not going to worry about zombies...just your everyday criminal or looter.
  7. Agreed. Last year during the April 27 tornado out break in the south east we were w/o power for 17 days. Didn't faze us as we were prepared. I prepare for short term survival in such events. I was the ONLY one in my immediate area with a generator and had my whole house running from it. For many days, at night time we were the only ones with real light and not candles. People were freaking out just trying to get out of our area because of the hundreds of downed trees. My family just sat back comfortably and waited it out.

    I don't prepare for the end of days but the natural disaster/short term side of things I do think about. I don't see that as being a problem.
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    Its a funny situation for me; growing up the son of a Y2K survivor, being a firearms enthusiast and working in the horror entertainment industry where I create and perform as various forms of monsters including (to us, the "lamest") zombies. Its great though, for the mean time at least. Its bringing people to the ranges and the shops and the haunt. I just think people are gonna get fed up and hate the zombie genre for the next 20 years or so. Personally I'm less concerned with zombies and more concerned about the impending menace of a Unicorn Apocalypse.

    But the whole zombie thing is a "wink, wink" situation isn't it? Rather be perceived as goofy than scary or militant. Besides Zombie max ammo is either less or a little more expensive. So for now, its OK I think.

    HOWEVER, if your family is suffering then you don't have your priorities right. Its one thing to be prepared for the future but not at the expense of the here and now.
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    Well said...
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    We've had a 'national disaster area' flood & tornadoes in the immediate area in the past four years. We keep a few extra weeks of supplies.. and since I am a camper/backpacker, I also have water filters and cooking gear (stove/gas cylinders), and other useful items. If SHTF worse than that (like a Zombie Apocalypse), like minded people will NEED to band together quickly... Those 'preppers' who think they'll hole-up long term alone are likely in for a surprise. They won't last long, even with years of military training, I would avoid trying to 'go it alone.' just live life is a good idea, be prepared, but don't go crazy.