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The kaboom theory!!!

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So I have read, that no gun causes kb. That it is simply a lack of training. Unloading & loading a mag of the same rounds constantly,causing the first 2 rounds make contact more times than intended. This causes more pressure to build inside casing. My question to this is, if that's the case, how do explain revolvers?

What are your thoughts, knowledge, and/or experience on KB?
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For the benefit of the rookies, could someone please explain what a 'case' is and what it means when it is 'unsupported'? Read about it for months and can't figure out what it means.
OK, I finally found annotation 5 on the link posted above.... Think I'm clear on it now.... It's how much the breech end of the barrel covers the case part of the ammunition. Correct-ish?
Mike P said:
you are correct
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