All Glock lovers have a thing for simplicity. One Glock lover appreciated the design so much that he built his own metal framed model. We give you, the Iron Glock.

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What the...

Boris over at Northeastern Shooters has quietly pulled off something that is huge. He made his own Glock. This legally made homebuild is simple to make, inexpensive, and flexible enough to marry up with most full size Glock slides and magazines. Best yet, he did it in a way that is extensively explained with both text and pictures simple enough that anyone with a basic knowledge of hand tools can pull off

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How did he do it?

Boris started with a Marigold kit from Armus ($144) which is a collection of simple metal parts for the basics. To this, he added some aluminum, a loaded Glock slide and barrel, some Glock internals and a magazine.

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Making a jig and using simple handtools such as vicegrips, a hand drill, a dremel, a grinder, some washers, and a small welding machine, Boris cut and folded, fitted and tacked together something that looks like a home-build ray gun made by a blindman in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. But hey:





And it works!

Shooting the Iron Glock

To complete the build's cosmetic make-up, Boris took a $20 airsoft Glock, removed and threw away everything but the lower frame, and inserted the Iron Glock into it. Oddly enough, the airsoft gun was nearly a perfect fit for the IG, only needing slight modifications with a dremel tool. And the super neat thing is that he made the frame so that it could accept either a .40 slide, 9mm slide, or 22LR slide, which gives you impressive flexibility.

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Is this a good idea?

The IG is not perfect. Sure it functions well enough, but isn't likely to hold up to the same punishment and long-term service as a OE Glock 17 of any generation. Cost wise, the price of a new slide, internal parts, magazine, airsoft gun for cosmetic frame, coupled with the time and energy involved in making the home-build frame, it probably is a wash to just go ahead and buy a new G17, G19, etc. off the shelf.

If you can. Also the IG is a project gun that can accept more than just one style slide, giving it the flexibility to operate in various calibers.

With the country slowly changing to being more and more ant-gun, having an Iron Glock (or the know how to build one) may be just the thing in a few generations.

Thanks Boris!

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