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The history of GLOCK

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Most of you probably know this, but for those that don't here it is, enjoy !
this is probably gonna take an hour to type so please be easy on me when it comes to mistakes:cool:. This timeline is from 1960- 2003.

Gaston Glock formed GLOCK Austria in 1960, it was a manufacturing facility of plastic and metal products of all types.
1970- They began to make products such as knives, e-tools, machine gun belts and gernades for military and police orginizations.
1973- the Austrian Army began to look for a new side arm to replace the Walther p38
1980- Gaston learned of Austria's search for a new side arm and began design of the 17
Austrian's army sidearm design requirements
-self loading
-be able to manually load without any tools or assistance
-min. 8rnd capacity
-all functions must be adone one handed i.e. loading and firing right or left handed
-safety must be absolutely guaranteed in all circumstances
-shock, stroke, and drop tested from 2 meters onto a steel plate
-can be torn down without tools
-no more than 58 parts
-no test equipment needed for long term use
-submited pistol must include drawings showing all materials used with an exploded view with all tolerances and measurements including full production detail
-all parts must be interchangeable without special fitting
-only 20 failures MAX per 10k rnds
-after 15k rnds the pistol must still perform properly
-the user must never be in danger of an ejected round during proper use
-must meet min. muzzle energy
--pistols must meet 70% of the above to qualify.

1982- GLOCK submits a prototype for testing and and passes with flying colors, wins a 4,000 unit contract;)
1983- GLOCK 17 named this becuase it was GLOCK's 17th international patent
1983- GLOCK submits samples to U.S. dept. of deffense
1985- Norway and Sweden opted for the G17 for military use. NATO adopted the G17 as the standar pistol. In July the G17 was submited to the U.S. BATF. In November GLOCK inc. USA was formed
1986- GLOCK was accepted for import into the U.S. GLOCK in Smyrna GA incorporates and the first pistols arrive:D
1986- GLOCK 18
1988- GLOCK 17L, 19
1989- 2nd gen frame
1990- New plant built in GA for assembly and test firing
1990- GLOCK 22, 23, 20, 21
1991- captured RSA starts being used
1994- GLOCK 24
1995- GLOCK 26, 27
1996- GLOCK 29, 30
1997- FGR frame
1998- GLOCK 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
1999- GLOCK 36
2002- GLOCK 17 (3 pin model)
2003- intro of new GLOCK 37 chambered in GLOCK's new proprietary cartridge. Introduction of GLOCK tactical light. Import and assembly in GA averages 270,000 guns per year and stated to tool up for more per year.
2003- GLOCK night sight, GLOCK 19 (3 pin model), GLOCK 37.
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not as far as GLOCK is concerned, i'm sure much like vehicle they started building them the year prior, but the actual release date is 89.

gen1= 82-89
gen3= 89-97
gen3= 97- ?
maybe, but i bought my Gen 2 in 88
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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