the glock 23, .40cal

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  1. sbg2340

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    Tell us all why you carry the .40cal 23 , I carry it because i find it fits my hand , it has the speed of the 9mm, and the pounch of a 45auto, and it's small enought to carry all day everwhere i go .
  2. ah1f39

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    More punch than a 9mm yet still 15 round capacity. Easy IWB carry.
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  3. G19C

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    I don't have a 23, but have shot it and like it. I mainly haven't purchase one because I have a 27 that I added a Pierce mag extender to one of the mags to it, so it pretty close to size as the 23 (at least grip wise..).

    Some of the female officers at the dept will carry the 23 as a duty weapon instead of the 22 as it fits their hands better. For me, the 22 fits nice, and the 27 if I add the extender fits pretty good and I can easily switch to the standard 27 mag.

    My buddy carries the 23 IWB almost everyday and really likes it..
  4. kj4963

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    13 + 1 with standard mag.
  5. First of all, it's a Glock and most firearms can't claim the same.

    Second, it's a .40S&W which I prefer over a 9mm. IMO, the felt recoil is basically the same between the 9mm and .40 but you get a bit more energy out of the .40.

    Third, the 23 is easier to conceal than a 22 and it' fits my hand well.

    Fourth, I've owned my 23 for 5 years and it has not failed once. In the thousands of rounds I've put through the tube, the gun has performed flawlessly.

    Fifth, I have no doubt in my mind that, in a life or death situation, my model 23 will perform the way I need it to. Any errors made would be operator error but the gun would meet my demands.
  6. ah1f39

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    Thank you, but I use extended base.
  7. I've been carrying the 23 for more then 20 years now and just love it,back when i first started using it the 9mm didnt have a very good choice in personnal defense ammo and the 40 looked like a better fit with not much difference in felt recoil but more punch,now the 9mm has much better selection but i choose to stick with the 40 although i now own a .45 glock too but still carry the 23,i'm just so use to it that it's like an extension of my hand
  8. I own a 23c and love it..cant go wrong with a 40. Cal. Plus the reduced muzzle flip not far off from my 17.
  9. iRockGlock

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    I carry the G23 because it feels better than my old G27, I'm accurate with it, the firepower, I conceal it well, and it's very versatile being able to do quick barrel switch to shoot 357sig or 9mm
  10. Had a older friend of mine long ago who had a G23 back before I was even old enough to buy a gun. It felt good back then. Fast forward till now and I was a breath away from jumping on the XD band wagon when my brother handed me a G23 and ask how it felt compared to it's competition the compact 40S&W XD. Held both of them and the G23 felt so much better to me then the XD. Gun feels awesome. I can carry it, I love to shoot it. It has a little more punch then a 9mm. Damn thing just feels good in my hands.
    Love my Gen4 G23

    Punisher lol
  11. Cheese7

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    Fits my hand perfect, 13+1 rounds is legit,'s a glock!
  12. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    Shot my buddys at age 19 and fell in love with it. My 23 was my first purchased handgun. Its my main summer carry gun.
  13. jimmyalbrecht

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    Same as a lot of people have already stated. I shot a 19, 23, XDs, and the 23 was the one that just caught my attention. I have no regret for buying it.
  14. Glockmaster

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    I hear ya my GEN 3 & GEN 4 23's are my favorite guns. They just feel so good In my hands it's like it was made for my hand!

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  15. custom23RTF2

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    I agree. Perfect fit for my hand as well. Plus best of both worlds. Accuracy and knock down. I love mine. Here's a few pics



  16. metalriot

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    Why wouldn't you carry the glock 23? Lol!i love the versatility of it I carry it in .40 and put my lone wolf 40-9 barrel in it at the range to save money.this gun is small enough to carry comfortably but is still bi enough to pack a lot of firepower and still be a nice shooter.... What's not to like?
  17. Seawolf

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    Gen4 G23


    1- Bigger heavier round with better penetration through barriers like windows and steel doors
    2- Capacity (13+1)
    3- Size and Weight (concealability)
    4- Ammo availability (even during the last ammo supply crisis there was always plenty of 40S&W on the shelf)
    5- Caliber diversity (G23 is only Glock which allows you to configure and shoot 4 different calibers out of the same gun. 40S&W/9mm/357sig/22LR)


    1- Increased felt recoil (although the new dual recoil spring assembly does a lot to help tame this, but with proper technique and training the recoil is manageable)
    2- Increased ammo cost (ammo cost is between 9mm and 45acp)
    3- Unpopular round (Because of the added recoil and poor training by the majority of civilian shooters to handle the added recoil. 40S&W handguns in the past have also been made based on 9mm frames, which has added to the recoil issue. Good news is gun makers are starting to address the recoil for the LE market with new design changes)

    I understand the argument now that with advances in hollowpoint technology the 9mm has finally become a suitable self defense load and I have always been in the school of thought that you should find what you shoot best and then carry the heaviest round in that caliber you can, but also keep in mind that these same advances that made the 9mm better have also worked for other calibers like 40S&W and 45acp to make them better. IMO the 9mm hasn't actually closed the gap with the 40S&W but instead just now joined the party.
    I know this will end up being another 9 vs 40 debate and go on for pages and pages, but I have carried 40S&W for a lot of years and it's earned it's place and does fill a specific nitch between 9mm and 45acp. It has it's flaws, but with proper training those flaws can be controlled.
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  18. SquadCapt4

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    I carry my 23 for pretty much every reason already stated. Larger round than the .9mm. Less recoil than the .45 which allows for quicker recovery and multi-round shot placement (in the Gen 4 with the dual recoil spring). Easy concealment. That famous Glock reliability. Great all around self defense tool....with lots of practice, of course.
  19. condor56

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    I know this will cause some arguments. However, I feel the G23 is the perfect gun. I've had, and still have, several types and caliber of guns. From a person who has an addiction to guns, the glock 23 has never failed me once. Can't say that about some other pistols. .
  20. sclafarge

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    I did a lot of research and spent time talking to people. Made several trips to a range that rents guns and tried different makes and models. I chose the Glock 23 for 1) Reputation for reliability, 2) .40 caliber stoping power, 3) the gun feels comfortable, and 4) I like the option of converting to 9mm with a 40-9 barrel and Glock 19 magazine. I added a Viridian C5L tactical laser/100 lumen light. So far it seems like a perfect set-up for me.