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    OK, so I'm supposed to start a small vacation yesterday afternoon. The weekend ,Monday, Tuesday, and the 4th. But WHAM!! Major storm with 91 mph winds whacks the crap out of town an hour before I get off work. Power out all over the city including my house. I work at a major telecommunications company and so we are out also. In a major way. So now I am obligated to work the next day. I have no AC and it's 97• out. Kids are super bored and our smart phones are dying. I'm feeling sorry for myself and irritated at the man upstairs when ....


    This happens^^^

    My two Teenagers who barely acknowledge each other, are playing card games together and laughing with each other, and TALKING to each other of their own free will. They are laughing at dad who might have had a few beers too many and suddenly... I am thankful Lord for this gift. For sparing our home. For giving me the opportunity to make OT to provide for my family when so many are out of work. For this time with my kids that I will not forget. Thank You
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    There ya go!! Get mad at the man upstairs and make him prove He will never leave you he will never forsake you!! Great story Shep!! Better luck with the hard stuff ahead! Good at ya for getting the best from this! And your kids!!

  3. william488

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    Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Gun_Aficionado

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    Awesome story!!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. RusticBliss

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    Love it. There is AlWAYS a silver lining.
    And guess what- they will Remember This Day ALWAYS!
    Everything happens for a reason. ;0)
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    that is truly awesome!!!
  7. rickjames

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    Very nice. I hope my little girls will be really close to enjoy times like this.
    God is soooo good
  8. GAgal

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    That's wonderful Shep! Isn't amazing when all the distractions are taken away family has time to really connect with one another.
  9. Yep, thats why we camp on our vacations. No tv, no electronics, just good family fun. We r forced to talk to each other.
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    Adversity builds lasting memories.... some things you will never forget (no matter how hard you try!)