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13 December 2014: The FN Five-SeveN and the
Glock 42

Today was my "birthday" range visit, so I
decided to try out two handguns that I am interested in: the FN
Five-SeveN and the Glock 42. This is basically a sort of
review of the two guns, but it's also an article about what I
did at the range on this day.

The FN Five-SeveN

The first thing I noticed about this gun is
that it's not abnormally large in hand. For a duty, or full
size, handgun, it was easy to handle. It wasn't overly
heavy, until loaded with ammo, but even then it wasn't that
bad. I had no complaints about construction. The
trigger felt wide for no apparent reason, so I didn't like the
trigger as much, but it worked. The ambidextrous safety was
fantastic. Now mentally 20 rounds seems like overkill, but
the bullets aren't as wide in diameter as 9mm, so the grip wasn't
abnormally wide, either. It felt about as wide as my Glock
19 (double stack 9mm).

Shooting it wasn't so bad. It was a new
gun, and I was more concerned with feel and recoil than trying to
aim like a perfectionist.

The Glock 42

Oh my goodness! First, it's .380
ACP. I don't like how expensive .380 ACP is, nor 5.7x28, but
.380 ACP is cheaper than 5.7x28, and more plentiful, believe it or
not. You can get it in Federal Hydra-Shok and other good
defense loads. Second, the gun! It felt great!
I am definitely buying this gun next, if I ever save up the
money. It was very shootable, recoil was easy, and it felt
great in my hand. This is definitely the gun I'd want to own
for those situations where I need something .380 ACP that's small
and easier to conceal than my Glock 19. Again, I didn't try
to really aim very hard, I just wanted to experience recoil and
feel. I love it!

Working On My Technique

The rest of what I did today was work on my
technique. After 200 rounds today, I felt a lot better about
my marksmanship, but I still want to improve more. After 200
rounds of hard concentration, the next thing I wanted to do is
rent the Uzi and blast some stuff, but alas that wasn't an option.
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