The family that shoots together..

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  1. The family that shoots together, stays alive. ;) I wasn't sure where to put this, so I decided on here. I am a firm believer in training kids to be familiar with guns, even if they don't want to shoot. I had all my kids go through some classes with an NRA instructor. I believe the classes, with my reinforcement, help remove the false stigma associated with handguns specifically, and firearms in general. It also removes a little of the curiosity too, although I believe each child should be individually evaluated in this regard. My boys were all for it, and the girls were not so excited. Some pics.

    Number 1 child:


    Number 2 child:


    Number 3 child:


    Number 4 child, my baby:


    Group photo:


    The youngest still doesn't like the noise, but as you can now see, she wants to conceal carry like her Daddy. :D



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    Good going...that's awesome

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    Never too young to learn respect...
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    Absolutely, my Dad taught us respect from the moment we could understand it. I thought the back of his hand was a gun until I was 12!
  5. Very cool of you... More parents should take your advise.
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    Now that is what I call Good Parenting Skills, educating your children to understand firearms and the safety needed when handling them will keep them alive longer that banning gun from the honest people.

    Hope you have many years of this to smile back on.
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    Good Job. What you've teaching them will serve them well.
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    I can't tell you how much it makes me smile to see the youth get early training on firearms safety and the proper techniques... I feel IMHO that showing them, teaching them, and letting the kids shoot to familiarize themselves will make the children safety conscious regarding firearms, basically making them safer than most lay persons in this world. This is the positive training that they will remember for the rest of their lives and maybe teach their own children someday in the future...

    Great post OP and great job with this, activities like this also help promote family bonding that teaches at the same time (a 2 for 1 deal). Not to be political but this is the positive picture that others should be seeing when they try to judge firearms owners and attempt to derail our rights... Not all firearms and their owners are bad as shown by the OP

    Keep up the great work! :)
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    now that's a great family outing!
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    So cool! Can't wait till our kids r old enough!
  11. Thanks for the kind replies fellas. I hadn't had much of a chance to get back to this thread. Work, and family stuff. In fact, going to work now.

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    Good on ya, Mate... I think EVERY family in America should do the same thing as you are doing, if for no other reason, out of respect for our Constitution.

    Involvement, training, etc., is of the UTMOST importance when it comes to our children. How did the libs become so politically successful? By mis-educating our children through the various media-controlled media outlets and our so called "public school" system and colleges almost everywhere. Now they are reaping the benefits of such preparation.

    Good on ya for doing your part in educating your children PROPERLY concerning all aspects of firearms. Education in the Bible and Constitutional rights is fast becoming a thing of the past in this country.
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    That's awesome Jim. That's something your kids will remember for life.
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    Family & Firearms

    Are u the only shooter in ur home? Does ur husband/wife shoot also? How about the kid/kids? Does ur family sit & discuss the importance of firearm safety? What age do u feel is old enough to teach ur kid/kids how to handle a firearm?

    These questions are not intended for a debate session, but simply just a few questions that can further insure that we are conversing with responsible gun owners. Feel free to add questions & share a little bit of your knowledge on firearm safety & thing 1 can do to be safer.
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    My wife just got into it last year, she needs to take the permit course (NY law), than get her permit (very long process in New Yorkistan) my 15 year old and 10 year old could care less and my 5 years cries every time i go shooting(at least once a week) with out him. He has a few years but Santa might get him a Red Ryder Deluxe Carbine next year.
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    Great thread & thanks for the link. My 9yo daughter shoots as well as my wife & I. We have taken a firearms course & waiting for our cce. Our daughter is well beyond her age. She took to it quicker than mom lol
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    Our daughters first ever semi gun review. This video was to test what she has been taught. She did ok.