The Easiest Way to Load Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by Amsdorf, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Amsdorf

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    Have been using the Maglula magazine loader for quite a while and am always a bit surprised by people who've never heard of them and have not seen them. Thought I'd do a video showing how to use them with close ups of how exactly they work.

    Hope some find this helpful.

  2. shooterfan1974

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    Hickock 45 has a recent vid showing how to use one. I almost picked one up Friday but I've started my payment plan on my next pistol. I do OK with my factory Glock load assist thingy that came with my Glock 19, but the Uplula does make it look easy.

  3. G-23

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    There are other features to the Maglula you failed to mention.
    One is the assisted spring tensioner that automatically raises the tool as you release the grip and withdraw the finger/plunger. I mention this because the Glock mag loader can be used in the same style of loading that you portray in the video.

    The Maglula has the spring to automatically repositions the loader handle above the magazine opening (to the same height each time) so when you squeeze the grip that moves the depressor, everything is aligned for the next downward press. Also located in the grip is another spring that will retract grip that holds the finger/depressor that actually applies all of your energy to the magazine follower and spring.

    The biggest advantage of the Maglula is the surface area for a much better grip AND the whole cartridge gets inserted into the magazine in one action instead of two.

    The Magula also comes with a small keyring if you would like to attach it to a lanyard. Last but not least, it also has a lock on the grip to hold it in the closed position to make it a bit smaller for storage in your gunbag.

    And BTW, they can be used on more than on size magazine!

    :D Ain't cheap folk's. But could be a bargain if you see a need for it. Wrassling with that last round and trying to load those ten round "Clinton Ban" magazines, well I have to say it will be worth the money spent.
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  4. shooterfan1974

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    Maglula, not Uplula. Sorry.
  5. littleposerfish

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    i think thats a pretty nifty tool to have.
  6. Looks like a neat tool to have but I got use loading the mags by hand. That last round gets easier after you do it a lot.
  7. bhale187

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    I've used an UpLULA for years and love it
  8. G-23

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    You are correct eitherway. Maglula in the name of the company. "Uplula" is the name of the device.

    Here is their website link: ;)
    and from their website C&P :
    maglula Ltd. name stands for magazine loaders and unloaders accessories. maglula Ltd. is a privately held Israeli company dedicated to the development of high quality magazine loaders and unloaders for military use. Established in 2001. We currently provide four families of products:

    • LULA™ rifle magazine loader & unloader - a personal loader and unloader
    • UpLULA™ pistol magazine loader - a personal Universal Pistol magazine loader
    • StripLULA™ 10-round stripper clip and loose rounds loader and unloader
    • BenchLoader™ magazine loader - a heavy duty single stroke magazine loader
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  9. Levelcross

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    Good points, this is a great tool to have in the range bag. When we go to the range the Maglula gets a workout, we use it on several different guns and calibers. It takes about 30 seconds to become proficient in loading a mag with it, and even thou the mags do get easier to load the more they are used it still helps after a couple of hundred rounds. A good investment IMHO.
  10. Amsdorf

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    Great comments, guys, I'm going to add the extra details mentioned above to the videos description.