The Black Rifle Gallery ( Post What You Bring)

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by targetsfromus, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. targetsfromus

    targetsfromus New Member

    Time to get some black rifles in here guys
  2. cwtitan

    cwtitan New Member

    Remington 700 LTR .308

    Rem 700 LTR .308
    Timney trigger
    Badger bolt knob
    pro mag base
    SWFA low rings
    Bushnell 3200 elite 3200 10x Mildot scope
    Harris 1a2 6-9" Benchrest bipod

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  3. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    I'm not one to just open the safe and throw all my guns up on the net but here are 2 of my favorites...............

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  4. GLShooter

    GLShooter New Member

    6 PPC with an OLY barrel. Fats and a real fun gun to shot. The Miculek Comp was opened up for the 6 MM bullets and is very effective.

    The lower was one of the first builds I ever did. Three pound Timney and an ACE skeleton stock.


  5. My Romanian AK47 and Smith & Wesson M&P15 with a bunch of Magpul stuff on it ;)

  6. ArizonaLawman

    ArizonaLawman New Member

    Bushmaster A3 "Patrol Carbine" as they call it.

    It is my go-to rifle, and is ALWAYS in my cruiser. My first "patrol rifle" was a Winchester Model 94 in .30-30 25 years ago. Then the Ruger Mini-14 was approved, and finally a few years after that...we got AR-15's (Colt Sporter A2's). No such thing as red dots....just them peep sights. You could get the Colt 4X carry handle mounted scope...but it was a PITA to use, as you couldn't get a decent cheek weld, and you could shoot the rifle just as well without it. I like the 16" as a general all around is still a 300m rifle. The 11.5" is a 150m carbine at best. dot is co-witnessed with my iron sights. I don't like the flip up front and rear combo. If my dot craps, I want to be able to go to iron sights RIGHT THE **** NOW...and not have to mess around.

    It's nothing fancy like a couple of my other Evil Black Rifles...but it is by FAR my favorite...well...MAYBE my old SP-01...

    Anyway....this is the one I go to.

    The Colt M4 with the carry handle is DEAD NUTZ at I just left it alone, and left the carry handle on it. It's a spare zombie carbine. But...sonce it reads "COLT" on the side...I will keep it...LOL.

    And YES...the magazine in it IS only a 20-rounder. That is the one I keep in the rifle filled with Hornady TAP ammo....but the rifle fits into the "tactical case" with the 20 round mag inserted...the 30 rounders won't fit while in the case. By the way...I HATE the word "tactical"...mall ninjas and tacticool teddy wannabes put that **** on everything!

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  7. Carollou3

    Carollou3 New Member

    Armalite M-15

    Cant go wrong with the Black Rifle

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  8. RLHas

    RLHas New Member

    My "ZOMBIE Survival" weapon...

    My ZOMBIE Suvival Weapon and my Favorite piece...


  9. Dirty J

    Dirty J This forum sucks.

    How did you mount the Angled fore grip on the Magpul hand guard? Though it attached only to a 1913 rail. Did you add a rail section and then mount the AFG? Or is there some way to mount that I'm not aware of?
  10. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    I was going to ask the same thing!! I love those magpul angled front grips.
  11. RLHas

    RLHas New Member

    You can buy a small section of rail to enable mounting the AFG or AFG2
  12. you have to pull the lower guard off and then slide it on and off. it sounds like a pain but its really not. the rail size i have on there is the longest one magpul makes.
  13. Dirty J

    Dirty J This forum sucks.

    Here's my M&P Sport

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  14. DPMS lower and Stag arms upper

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  15. rjrivero

    rjrivero New Member

    Since this is a GLOCK forum, I thought I'd post some pictures of my Glock Fed AR. Lone Wolf Dist. Lower using Glock Magazines. Upper is Rock River with bolt work done by ADCO Firearms. Bolt is narrowed and Ramped to clear the single feed Glock mags. This one is an 8" sbr.


    This is a picture of the same rifle wearing a Trident-9 from SWR.


    This one is a recent build. It's my brother's Lone Wolf Dist. Lower with a Rock River upper. However, since he lives in Michigan, we had to come up with a "solution" to a state sponsored "problem." The State of Michigan now allows private ownership of suppressors, however they expressly prohibit short barrel rifles. So, after some looking around, we found some folks were making large "muzzle devices" permanently attached to a barrel to bring the overall length to the requisite 16". We did this one with the help of ADCO Firearms. It sports a 1.625" tube that brings the overall length of the barrel to 16.25". The suppressor as shown sticks out of the end of the tube .75" So with the suppressor on the barrel length is only 17" as opposed to the 16" + 6" for a suppressor on the end of a "standard" barrel. The perm attached muzzle device fits over the suppressor, and under the handguard.

  16. not as impressive as those above, but all the same it is one hell of a zombie killer!! items included are: Ultimate Arms Gear ambi-catch (cuz I is a lefty) Hogue grip, Magpul B.A.D. Lever, Yankee Hill Phantom Comp 5C2, Doublestar low pro gas block, DPMS carbine handguard (custom) on a Bushy upper and lower.

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  17. Hesher420

    Hesher420 New Member

    My Bushmaster bullpup (M17s)

    Aerospace flat rail & charging handle
    Bushnell Elite 3-9x
    A2 birdcage flash suppressor

  18. kj4963

    kj4963 Active Member

    Stag arms 2T

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  19. Blackridge

    Blackridge New Member

    A few of the BR toys

  20. Tys 4x4

    Tys 4x4 New Member

    Just got this about a week ago.

    So far I've added the hogue grip and magpul stock. Not much else I want to do to it at the moment.