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  1. Dark Knight

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    Happy thanksgiving everyone
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  2. jhg

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    My wife is back from my daughter's and brought me a plate. They wanted me to go but I just wasn't up to it. I am not really hungry right now. I recon I will eat it later tonight. It's not likely I will go to sleep early. LOL. I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey and fixings.
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  3. Mark Lishchynsky

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    Coupala days late but no less sincere............I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving,,,,,say it slow because it's not all about the turkey and pilgrims with funny hats.
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  4. TheKraken

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    Same to you!

    Thanksgiving eating.jpg
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  5. Olga17

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    Our turkey number two is now gone.
    39lbs of bird gone so far with more in the freezer.
    Need to buy some spiral hams.
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