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Thanks Army Wives

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I am one of those guys that has a wife that just wants nothing to do with any kind of firearm....she did not want me having one, did not want one in the house, would not go near a gun or a range or anything that had to do with it. All that changed with a recent episode of Army Wives (which for the record I do not watch) but my wife watches this show religiously. In the episode there was some sort of home invasion or something where the lady had to shoot the intruder...but at the end the lady is reunited with her husband who she thanks over and over again for taking her and showing her how to handle and fire a since then my wife has come to me saying I want you to teach me how to use and handle guns so she can be prepared IF the time ever came.......THANK YOU ARMY WIVES!!!!
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Some women connect/relate to things on a different level sometimes. Also, think of it this way: When I try and show my wife how to do something (be it firearms related or not) she often time gets verbally defensive.
If a 3rd party shows her the exact same way, she takes the advice and asks questions. Sometimes having an outside party makes learning something easier. (And this works both ways btw. We guys do the same things sometimes without even realizing it.)
At the Marksman, we have to take a range safety course before the first time we use their range. Our instructor, former military, funny, engaging man, had asked, "Does anyone know who the worse teacher of firearms is?"

I replied, "The other half?"

I got it right. The worse person to teach a spouse how to shoot is our spouse...mostly because the instructing spouse already has it in their head that the learning spouse should already KNOW this stuff (Apparently, the learning spouse is suppose to know "this stuff" through osmosis/diffusion because marriage automatically makes it so that we gain such knowledge! :eek: LOL) so the patience level is not all there. Also, because of this subconscious mindset, not everything is taught, and what IS taught could be "wrong"...because the teaching spouse has had years of learning and knowing shortcuts that aren't always the best shortcuts.

My husband is former Army (did stuff that required guns, jungles, deserts, and "this never happened, you were never here", and EOD). He doesn't instruct me because of the exact above. What is ingrained in him from training, he thinks I should already know, because he knows.

If I ask for input or advice, then he gives it, and sometimes that input and advice comes unasked...but when he starts to get all, "You should KNOW's so simple..." and I give him THAT know what look, all wives have THAT look for their hubbies...then he backs off, realizing what he's doing. =)

Congrats on the wife coming around though. =)

In my marriage, we fight over who gets the next gun...(or tattoo....)
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