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Thanks Army Wives

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I am one of those guys that has a wife that just wants nothing to do with any kind of firearm....she did not want me having one, did not want one in the house, would not go near a gun or a range or anything that had to do with it. All that changed with a recent episode of Army Wives (which for the record I do not watch) but my wife watches this show religiously. In the episode there was some sort of home invasion or something where the lady had to shoot the intruder...but at the end the lady is reunited with her husband who she thanks over and over again for taking her and showing her how to handle and fire a since then my wife has come to me saying I want you to teach me how to use and handle guns so she can be prepared IF the time ever came.......THANK YOU ARMY WIVES!!!!
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after i got the wife her G19 for christmas took her to the range and after she got over the first loud bang( with ear muffs on ) and she hit her first target . I enrolled her and my 11 yr old grand daughter in personal handgun class they both did great grand daughter has been shooting for a while . she's an addict do we need more ammo. even thow we have plenty i say why yes hunny lets go to the store.


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