TFO at indoor range?

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  1. GEN4G19

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    I've seen a lot of great reviews on TFO Truglo sights when outdoors or when light is being shined on them and even in complete darkness. But what about your average indoor range? I want something for CC and home defense but would also like them to look nice and clear when it's your average joe indoor range lighting. I figure night sights will be best for this but any thoughts?
  2. ash1012

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    They do fine at the range. I shoot at a indoor range and have no problems seeing the sights

  3. jimmyalbrecht

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    Same here, I have no problem seeing them in any lighting. The fiber optic portion captures and light and concentrates it in the tube, and if there is no light the tritium glows, so you're good to go! Just a tip if you do get the TFOs, take some clear nail polish and put it on the tops of the tubes. Some people have had problems with the tubes falling out after a lot of use, and this mod will prevent that from happening.
  4. GEN4G19

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    I know they warn you to not get oil or lube on them, but clear nail polish is alright? Does this act almost as a glue?

    I was just worried about in mediocre light situations but I believe you, thanks for the responses.

    Any issues with hitting/knocking the front sight or it snagging when you draw?
  5. Argyle64

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    I have had zero issues with mine on my EDC 26.