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Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by dougster, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. dougster

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    Yesterday I decided to put my cc rig to the test. I'm waiting for my permit in the mail. I put on my Foxx IWB and my G19 and spent the day just "hanging" around the house. I wanted to see if my spouse would even notice if I had it on. I also wanted to see how it would feel with everyday activities.

    I wore it for about six hours with complete comfort and only just before going to bed did I reveal to the spouse that I had been wearing it.

    Successful first test.
  2. Levelcross

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    It is a good thing to know your carry rig before going out in public. Make sure it works and is concealed well. Also practice your draw and re holstering your cleared gun. Even do a pit stop check, this may sound insane but a gun hitting the floor while your pants are around your knees is never a good thing.

  3. Nice, Dougster! Key question, was your wife suprised when you told her you'd been carrying around the house all day? If yes, then congrats on a successful day concealed!
  4. dougster

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    Since was surprised. She never suspected I had it on.
  5. Good endorsement - if your wife doesn't know, neither will the perfect stranger on the street!
  6. Blades

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    I've been wearing my Remora holster and G30 almost everyday since I received my holster--just around the house, I don't have my CCW yet, but I'm unemployed and a little ill, so I spend most days at home. 10-18 hours a day and no complaints about my Remora.
    When I go to the bathroom I practice my "quick draw" on myself using the mirror. ;) So far my mirror self is winning.
  7. southpaw37

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    Nicely done Doug the wife had no clue and had her at surprise. All though just be sure that's unloaded inside, especially if you have little ones running around the house.