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  1. daryllawman

    daryllawman New Member

    :) Tennessee is a open carry state..but I still carry my Glock 30 under my shirt..
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum daryllawman !!

    Does Tennessee have a concealed carry permit...I figure you can "conceal" your Glock because you are in law enforcement, correct ?!

  3. jfirecops

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    Tennessee does have a Weapons carry permit and LEO's have a little more freedoms like most carry states. Hopefully, the castle laws will be updated this year to include the vehicles.
  4. deeretrac

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    Tennessee has a carry permit now, meaning we can carry open or concealed.
    This has changed in the last few years. Our permits first started as concealed only but now it's either way.
  5. Redhairdontcare

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    Vehicles fall under the castle doctrine now