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Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by davemanz71, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. mckm/Glock36

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    Looks great! How did you do that?

  2. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    I'd say that you had to of had that machined that way ....
  3. g21redman

    g21redman just wants to watch the world burn.

    wow... I want mine done now that's sick
  4. Looks awesome!

    Now tell us your secret ;)
  5. G17XJ_BS

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    That is different, I like it!!
  6. SHOOTER13

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    Really like the way it looks...

    did you or someone else perform the work ?!
  7. davemanz71

    davemanz71 New Member

    My very good friend did it
  8. mike_honcho87

    mike_honcho87 New Member

    How does he do it?
  9. Very cool... I thought about cutting up some Di-noc to see what it would look like in there but I decided against it.
  10. glocknloaded

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    Looks great!! Now don't tease and tell us how he did it
  11. rivalarrival

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    Learned how to do that in my high school shop class. Chuck a dowel rod up in a drill press, fire it up, apply rubbing or polishing compound to the end, and press it into the piece. Move down half a circle, do it again. I recommend a hell of a lot of practice before you do it to a Glock.

    I agree, it looks real good!
  12. Happysniper1

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  13. havasu

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    A buddy of mine did my Sig Sauer barrel this way. Turned out great!
  14. Happysniper1

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  15. rivalarrival

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