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You probably mis-understood or they were incorrect because you're unlikely to find teflon-coated bullets and there's no practical way to make them at home. They were probably talking about moly.

In the 60's and 70's a company called KTW made brass and steel cored rounds for penetrating automobile glass and car bodies. The hardened bullets wore out barrels quickly so they coated them in teflon. Those bullets also penetrated body armor so when the media go wind of it, they were dubbed "telfon-coated Cop Killer bullets". Even though the teflon coating didn't have anything to do with it, some states banned teflon coated bullets.

As you know, shooting lead bullets in a poly-rifled barrel like the Glock can quickly lead to unwanted deposits of lead in the barrel that can lead to dangerous pressures. Some type of workaround is necessary if you're reloading to save money over factory or reloaded FMJ ammo.
1. Buy a conventionally rifled replacement barrel for $100 and shoot all the lead you want.
2. Use moly-coated lead bullets, which are more expensive than lead but less cost than plated or FMJ. Some say it reduces leading, some say it doesn't. I've never tried but I would bet that the home-applied moly won't do anything at all.
3. Use plated bullets. More expensive than lead but still less expensive than FMJ. This is what I do because I shoot lots though suppressors and cans and lead don't mix.
4. Break out your wallet and only use FMJ reloads or factory ammo.
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