Ted Nugent on Aurora

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    You go Ted. Most people by word and deed choose to be sheep. I carry to protect myself and my loved ones. In a shootout I may not prevail but I will not die like a sheep at the slaughter.
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    [email protected] someone calling it an automatic non assualt rifle. Do they call hand guns that kill people assault handguns? That person is a total mushbrain.
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    Why won't he run for president???? *sigh*

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    The utter ignorance and stupidity of some comments, such as the last one in the article:

    No more mass murders of innocent lives if there are no guns? Tell that to the people of Northern Ireland. Or Oklahoma City. Ted Kaczynsky never fired a single round to murder his victims. How many hundreds or thousands of innocent lives were murdered on September 11 WITHOUT THE USE OF A SINGLE GUN? If James Holmes did not have a gun, he would've done it with an IED or any other means of destructive force because he was a deranged lunatic, not because he had access to firearms.

    Lazy illogic riles me no end.
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    Ted Nugent for president!!!