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Taurus / Rossi Firearms

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This thread is dedicated to all the firearms made by Taurus / Rossi.

If you own a firearm made by this company from Brazil, please post a few pictures and a brief description...
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Here's a few pics of my newest toy...a Taurus / Rossi Ranch Hand.

It is a lever action repeating pistol holding 6 in the tubular mag...+1 in the chamber and will shoot both the .44 Magnum and .44 Special cartridge from it's 12" barrel. Overall length is 23 1/2" and it weighs in at 4 lbs. The metal is a matte blue and the furniture is made from Brazilian hard woods.

I have seen this gun at my Academy. Not sure but I think you can get it in .357 also. Around $439
Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

My Taurus 1911

Air gun Revolver Trigger Wood Gun barrel

Taurus .38

Electronic instrument Automotive exterior Audio equipment Bumper Font

Taurus Pt 92

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Bumper Gun barrel

Rossi 357

Revolver Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory

Rossi 357


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This poor little mud puppy is going to get some much needed TLC......
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DeaconKC said:
This poor little mud puppy is going to get some much needed TLC......
Now thats a nice patena and a gun that has been used as a gun.
A couple times i've seen the little old rossi snub .38's used go for 100-150 around the local gun shops, for that price who wouldn't pick one up? Still would love a Judge or a Ranch hand though. Also thought about pro 24/7 I beleive in 9mm, but picked up my CZ 2075 Rami P 9mm instead. Last couple of months I was eye'n a .38 super taurus 1911 but .38 super ammo issue price/availability kinda through me off.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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