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    Man oh man.....I am speaking from first hand experience. I gotta lay down some exceptions here. If you have ANY Military, LEO or any other previous firearm training YOU WILL HATE THIS SIGHT SYSTEM. I purchased these with a green dot and was so ecstatic about them, how they looked on my G34. Went to the range and they perform like a horribly oiled crackhead. Sights came loose after 2 rounds. No sight alignment step from the fundamentals tought to me from the Marines and Sheriff's Office truly bugged me. They were so inconsistent with grouping. More of a "Point and Shoot method" behind them. If you treasure your accuracy at all from 10yds and out DO NOT GET THESE MAN... Even at 5yds they were grouping the size of a damn basketball. Understand that the concept is New Age but this is the first of its kind and lacks greatly in the performance section. Once they get the performance of them nailed down to compete with good ole Night or F/O Sights then don't get them.....Or.....Purchase a set and try them out for yourself and then go and buy another set different of course after you see for yourself. Just my humble opinion of course...lol

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    TAS sights - thumbs up

    I picked up one of the regular TAS sights (there's also a "J" sight, but I don't know much about it). Put it on my g34 and i gotta say it performed as advertised. Just keep in mind that this is for short distance work. Had no problems with fit or finish, got it mounted easily. All my shooting is short range/tactical, and I was very satisfied.
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