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    I shoot two or three times a week and always buy a target at the range. I have seen lots of targets for sale on web sights and we have a free outdoor range here i would have to take my own too. My intentions is to compete someday shooting a 9 mm or 45. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON THE RIGHT TARGETS TO BUY?
  2. I love my shoot n see targets!

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    If you are planning on competing, find a league you want to compete in, and find out what they use for targets. Then buy those. Practice on what you'll use in the competition and you'll find your practice better spent. The nice thing with the shoot and see targets is they are typically stickers so you can place those on the targets if you really want. Or just take a range scope with you.
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    My friend and I made this. Gonna see what damage I can do to it next weekend.

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    I've never tried it, but I heard of a way to make your own Shoot-N-C type targets. Take some neon green paper or poster board, then put clear packing tape over one side. Spray the smooth surface of the tape with Krylon flat black spray paint and let it dry. Supposedly the paint flakes off of the smooth surface of the tape in the area surrounding the impact point, revealing the neon green paper underneath.