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  1. www.talongungrips.com Anyone have any experience with them? Granulate vs. rubber comparisons? Are the granulate grips just overpriced skateboard tape? I'm thinking of these for my 3rd Gen G27. I generally carry it in an ankle rig so skin rub is not not an issue for me. Thanks for any and all help/advice.
  2. Sarabian

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    Another officer that is a good friend of mine tried these on his G21 and removed them soon after. I played with the gun while they were on and I don't care for them either. I now there are many that love that feel, but it's not for me.

  3. I have a set on my 27. I like them for range use only on that particular gun but I think they suck for CCW. The grit causes your shirt to always hang up and stick to them in funky ways.

  4. KeenansGarage

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    I know a few guys have the granulated grips on their competition pistols. Good grip, but it is just like skateboard tape just a bit more 'fitted.'

    I think Mike P is right about it being bad for CCW.
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    I have used both on the same and different Glocks. I like them. The granulated ones do hang on clothing but just have to be aware.

    The rubberized are nice also and don't cause this problem. They don't grip as good as the granulated ones (which is good and bad) but are better than stock
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    they are only 10.99, and work great in high humidity climates, if to coarse, you can sand down the grip or easily remove it!
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    I use the rubber ones on my 19 and am pleased with them. Haven't shifted (unlike the Hogue slip-on), haven't snagged and they are comfortable hot or cold, with or without gloves.
  8. Thanks for all the input folks. I truly appreciate it. Got a set ordered and gonna give 'em a test ride.
  9. SHOOTER13

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    OK...looking forward to your range report...!!
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    Check out Hickok45 on YouTube. He lives by talon grips. He is a avid Glock guy and has a lot of good tips. And if you have any questions of the grips ask him he will give you a straight forward honest answer.

  11. I've been a subscriber to hickok45 since he got started. Definitely a great shooter! He is where I got the idea for getting the grips from and was just looking for more opinions. I ended up pulling the trigger so to speak and ordered them. Have them installed and am loving them.
  12. Glockmaster

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    I have the rubber style on both of my babies. So far I like them.
  13. biskit

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    I have the sand paper on my g27. There unbelievable
  14. Skate tape (sandpaper) type is great on top of a slide, but on grips i hate it. Uncomfortable on skin, sticks to clothing, etc.

    Stick a grips work better then skate tape and do neither of those things.
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    Has anyone tried Agrip "fabric" grip "tape"?
  16. mcwtrainer

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    I have the granular on both my guns and love it. Doesn't move in my hand now matter if they are dry or wet.
  17. I love my rubberized ones on my G26 Gen4, but they've raised their prices. $14.99 now!