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  1. I'm thinking about going with a Gen 4 G31, with a conversion barrel to shoot 9mm as well. I see the ammo is expensive but I don't shoot my G17 as much as my G19's so maybe once a month, keep a tac light on it and have it as my bed side gun. We go out to the beach and stay the night at times and I can bring it along of course. Looks good next to my 12 gauge :D
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    I have a 31 & a 33. Both are alot more snappier recoil wise. The advantage over the 9mm is penetration, almost meeting 357 magnum. I went .357 for traffic stops when I was a cop. Texas DPS had good results during testing. For home defense I don't think it would do anything better than the 17 or 19. Just my opinion.

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    I own a 32 along with my 17,19,26 family. The 19 is my bedside gun same as you. I agree with danzig, that for HD the 9mm Is a better choice because of penetration. The 32 is used as my winter carry gun, sweet round IMHO.
    If you have a 17 already, why get a conversion barrel for a 31? Spend the 150 on some more ammo. Just my thought, I have not had great success with conversions in the past.
  4. I think sometimes, as I shoot a lot, I get a bit bored with the 9mm. Looking for something slightly different and this might fit the bill. Makes sense on the advice though.
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    It is a nice change of pace switching from 9 to 357.
    I only bring a box of sigs when I shoot, that way I don't go broke!
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    I carry the 31 for work. (33 everywhere else) I am switching to the 32 though. Going to turn the 31 into my fun gun. I love the round. Pretty cheap to reload and more interesting to shoot than 9mm.
  7. I own a G-32 that I shoot 9mm, 357 Sig and 40 S&W out of. The 357 is by far my favorite caliber. It was suggested that you buy a 357 barrel for your 17 but the 17 cannot handle the pressures of the 357 or the 40. If you go for the 31 or the 22 you can get conversion barrels.
  8. Yeah, I know. So I went with the G23 as there was one available at the Blue Label Price, $450 out the door. I plan on getting a .357 barrel and Lone Wolf 9mm conversion :D
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    Of all my Glocks, the model 31 is the most accurate weapon I have ever fired. It is much more accurate than I. The .357 is a heck of a round and I love it! When you fire it, you know you are playing with power!!
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    Can't go wrong with a 23, enjoy!