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    had to laugh, msn.com home page, full of polls from CNN, diatribes from "the Hill" and basically a disgusting place I have had my main email account for the past 20 years, has their own poll going...I usually skip them, but today I found out I was in the majority reading that leftist, biased pos page.....and it WAS GOOD!!

    Which recent US president did the best job?
    • 37%
      Donald Trump

    • 30%
      Barack Obama

    • 9%
      George W. Bush

    • 13%
      Bill Clinton

    • 11%
      None of these

    Total responses: 605,661 vote
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    Maybe there is a silent majority, that's a pretty large number of respondents.
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  3. LostinTexas

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    That had to sting. Clinton and O were seen in a positive light before and after they did all they did.
    Trump was seen in a negative light and the Dems were announcing they would impeach before he was sworn in.
    Even in forums like this, there are a large number of TDS sufferers.
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    I hope this happens at every live feed!:D
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    I loved that video Danzig, thanks for Posting, “Gee, Sounds like Trump supporters” lmao
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