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    I'm looking to get higher level tactical/defensive training, more than the basic NRA courses found in my area. I plan to take the NRA basic defense courses for Inside the Home and Outside the Home anyway. I also plan to do more IDPA, and will look into Krav Maga. I'm looking for something in addition to and beyond that, something specific to firearms training.

    Front Sight near Las Vegas is what I have in mind for the type of training I'd like to get but that's further down my list and calendar. Are there better courses? What's your experience with Front Sight? I'd like to hear recommendations for (or against) any courses in the California/Nevada area.

    Ideally, I'd love to receive military/LE training but I doubt they just freely open their doors to weekend warrior civilians like me.
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    Thanks for the recommendations. I'll keep them in mind. I am looking to start a little closer to home but wouldn't be opposed to travel down the line.
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    How much do these courses usually cost? I'm tight on cash so rolling around on my floor, practicing reloads, taking cover, and clearing malfunctions is what I have done lol. I try to think of the worst scenario possible and then practice at it. I am no professional by any means though. It would be nice to practice all of these things on a range with live ammo too.
  5. add a vote for USSA I have taken classes there a few times.
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    I know a lot of people who have been to Front Sight and everyone has been very happy with it. It's on my list and I have vouchers for classes, I just haven't been yet.