Virginia-based Wright Shooting Concepts have come up with an aftermarket accessory for your slide that will allow those who have experienced grip issues or just want more beef to grab on to when clearing a malfunction some extra purchase on their pistol.


The TacRack

The device is simple, replacing the rear slide cover plate with a small double-sided grip, modeled after that found on the end of the AR-15 series rifle's charging handle. This would allow a more tactile surface to rack the slide which could in turn prove beneficial in an emergency action drill (say when you have a double feed and just really need to put the English on the slide) or for those who need to rack one-handed (should your off hand be out of action) or if you have a rear mounted optic that makes your Glock awkward to chamber.

According to the company's website:

"TacRack was developed by Brandon Wright and engineered by Fritz Borke. Made of 6061 Aluminum and CNC machined for a true fit, this tool is a must have for anyone running a Smith and Wesson M&P or Glock handgun. Whether you're using two hands to rack your slide or only able to use one, TacRack increases reliability of racking the slide."

Let's see it in action:

A TacRack Review

The company retails them for $29-$35 depending on whether you get a plain one or one that is engraved for a little extra swag.


But can you holster with it?


It looks fine in this drop leg duty holster, however, feedback from someone carrying it in a IWB holster close to the skin could prove different.

Late to the party?

While the TacRack is neat, it's not the only slide pull/assist on the market for Glocks. Here are at least three we can think of that are about the same price (and feel free to drop others in the comments below we may have missed).

--Brownells has for years pushed the Slide Racker, a $35 aluminum extension lever that hangs off to the left or right (at the shooter's preference) from the back of the slide.

--Brass Stacker's Slide Pull is one of the longest serving offerings on the market and for $45 gives the shooter an ambidextrous pull ring to help work the slide.

--Makos' Charging Handle, like the rest of the field, replaces the slide cover plate with an attachment that includes a slide assist, this time in a barbell shaped extension.

Of course, even with now at least four offerings out there for rear-mounted slide assists, there are many (present company included) who don't have an issue with racking their slide as is-- but I have a rack full of Gen 3 RTF2s so I may be a little biased.

If you have experience with any of the above products feel free to drop it, good or bad, in the comments below.