Taco Bell Shooting in PHX

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  1. In police custody!?

    If someone is beating on my car windows with a pipe you better believe that he is going to be shot! In Florida the Castle Doctrine applies to your vehicle and if he is forcibly trying to enter (Smashing your window with a pipe) you can stop the threat in self defense!.

    If the actual events are as the article stated I wish this guy luck!

  2. ahhhh... classic 3 sides to every story deal right here.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    The story on fox news this morning said he isn't facing any charges...they are investigating as to why the man who was walking his dog would randomly beat a car with a pipe at a drive thru... Sounds like drugs to me...
  4. iGlock

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    Maybe the guys knew each other at one point or something. Cant believe im just hearing this and i live in central phx lol.
  5. Seriously??? Drugs?

    Voo guess... Homeboy is walking his dog and has had issues before with people messing with him. He was on the sidewalk and the shooter/driver pulled into Taco Hell and probably came close to hitting the sidewalker... pissed him off, already had the pipe... lets go say hello.

    Im one of these non believer of what I hear on the news so I would venture a guess that words were said... a pipe was brought out... then, so was a gun.

    How do you beat a window with a pipe like weapon? The window would break with any force at all from a pipe like anything.

    Like I said... 3 sides to this and unfortunatly the only one we will ever hear is the from the one that can still tell his story.
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    Then again the guy did get out hes car and then shot him. He probably could have speed off.
  7. iGlock

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    Tacobell should have some type of securtiy camara outside their facility, espcially at the drive through window.
  8. bfish

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    Exactly he may "get away with it" but I feel like that was most likely not the right choice surely he could have driven away especially if he could get out of his car lol its not like he was being attacked in the moment if he got out first
  9. Maybe he was between other cars in line for his mctaco? So much we don't know.
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    Everyone is going crazy to try that new Dorito Taco! :)
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    This is true
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    I wonder if he had his family in his vehicle. I would probably have shot the guy if my wife and kids where in the vehicle. Hmm wonder what caused this.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    His wife was in the vehicle with him.
  14. iRockGlock

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    Then from what the evidence shows so far he shouldn't be charged.
  15. jimmyalbrecht

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    The problem is that no bat or pipe was found at the scene. I find it hard to believe that the dead guy rose and threw the pipe away then died again...
  16. Rule number 2... Always double tap.
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    I heard this last night and castle doctrine also applies to your car as well in AZ. I live a few miles from this place but never been to this particular taco hell...
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  18. yeah... to me, a fist does not constitute a deadly weapon or the need to end a life. I see this man serving time.

    A man walking his dog was shot and killed in front of a Taco Bell drive-through Tuesday night in Phoenix after an altercation with another man.
    Daniel Adkins, 29, was walking by the Taco Bell near 51st Avenue and Baseline Road when he stepped around a blind corner into the drive-through lane. At the same time, a 22-year-old man who had pulled forward for his food almost hit Adkins with his car, according to a release from Phoenix Police Department officials.
    The driver stopped and exchanged words with Adkins before the two began fighting, police said. Adkins was shot once and died on scene, the release said.
    The driver and a female passenger said Adkins had a bat or some other type of weapon that he swung at them. Police on scene were unable to locate the bat, but witnesses told investigators that Adkins "swung his fist in the direction of the driver several times," according to the release.
    The shooting is under investigation by Phoenix police and the driver is in police custody.

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/community/...to-drive-through-lane-abrk.html#ixzz1rGhGd07b