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Hey all I searched around and didn't really find an answer to what I was looking for. I have a G22 and G23 both are Gen 4. I read somewhere that you could swap in 9mm barrels and mags and make them a 9mm firing platform. I just wanted to confirm that this is true. I would assume that I would have to get a G17 barrel and mag for the G22 and for the G23 I would be swapping in the G19 barrel and mag. I also assume that I could just leave the guide rod and recoil spring alone.

The main reason that I am considering this is because I would like my girlfriend to start shooting a larger caliber firearm than her .22 S&W and my Sig Mosquito. I made her shoot a full mag through the G22 and she didn't like it because of the recoil. I figured the 9mm round would be easier for her to handle. I have a 9mm Sig P6 but to me it feels that the P6 has a lot more buck than my G22 and G23. The G's feel more balanced and easier to control.

Any comments to confirm this? Also if this is true do you go with a factory Glock barrel or are there other good options out there, and what places are reputable?

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