Survival: Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag

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    Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag; 72 Hours Disaster Survival Kit

    Book comes out May 18, 2012 but can be pre-Ordered.
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    Thanks for that tip!

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    That's your cue lock picker :)
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    I love Glock Forum. It's the only organized grouping of individuals who understand the looming zombie apocalypse and actively goad each other on to prepare better than the other.
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    But, like any other gathering of minds, you will, of course, find some who totally disagree with the idea (of prepping) almost to the point of calling doomsday preppers or zombie apocalypse preppers as "fools".

    But, it was the grasshopper that was a fool as the ant stocked up for winter....I say.:D
  6. odgreen

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    I really don't care about disagreers. They are welcome to disagree. That's why on the darwinistic scale of evolutionary moments some have made it and others have disagreed. :)
    It makes me happy to be prepared only if when I am away from my home I can guide a friend by phone in order to locate important documents, etc. there is much peace is knowing where all your stuff is, accessing it and more importantly, the ability to walk away from it all. Quite cathartic.
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    The essence of the Boy Scout Creed: Always Ready.

    The Coast Guard, too: Semper Paratus.

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    That is one awesome quote there! Well said!
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