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  1. I was looking for a good weapon light to accompany my EDC, a Gen3 Glock 19. I recently realized the need for an accessory light on a handgun, so I began searching for the best one I could afford. After looking at the streamlight and surefire models, I found a great deal on the X300U-A-TN. It's the tan version of the black bodied X300.
    The light feels sturdy and looks like it will handle the stress of lots of shock vibration and heat generated by firing thousands of rounds. The body is aluminum and the finish is clean and sharp. The light is very bright with a strong center illumination and soft peripheral illumination.
    It may actually be too bright in a dark home or close quarters areas, even when there is ambient light.
    These two images are roughly five yards distance from a plain wall in my living room during the day with blinds drawn. The wall is painted a tan/gray color that is more like a dark off white. There is obviously no "doughnut of death" as created with the maglights.
    I mounted this light on my G19 first, to get a quick feel of the switch movements. The continuous on/off actions are tight and slightly difficult to move with a single index finger. This may loosen up and improve with regular use and wear, but so far, I think it's too tight. The momentary on/off works well, and forces the user to practice good trigger discipline by keeping the trigger finger straight to actuate the switch. Again, however, I feel it is a little too stiff, and if used during a night course, would cause significant discomfort over a few dozen exercises. Again, this may improve with use. I found the switch to be a little too pointed which increases the level of discomfort. If used with gloves, these issues do disappear. My issue with it comes due to me using it as an EDC, and few people walk around wearing shooting gloves everywhere they go.
    The size of the light is fairly large, in my opinion. That is unavoidable, simply because of the size of the batteries needed to power its 500 lumens LED. This first image is the G19 I plan on having it mounted to. I foresee major issues with how I carry. I prefer appendix IWB carry, which has thus far been borderline uncomfortable, due to the tip of the barrel stabbing my inner thigh when seated. The added length will not help that at all.
    The entire LED and reflector housing protrude from the end of the muzzle.
    I then mounted it on my Gen3 G17 for reference...
    ...which is slightly better, but still protruding a bit.
    Finally, I mounted it to my Gen4 G41, which should give a good idea how it would be on a 34/35.
    Much better fit. I also noted that the added weight on the front of the gun will likely help with felt recoil when shooting. This is of course, subjective and I will update after I have sent a few rounds down the pipes.
    All in all, I am so far pleased with the light, but it does have several downfalls that I perceive may be an issue for me. It may end up staying on my nightstand gun until I can find a smaller light for EDC. I would recommend this light of for everyday DUTY use as gloves will likely make it easier and more comfortable to operate.
  2. What are the down falls in your opinion?

    I have the black X300u on my 21. Need to get the tan one for my FNX45. Surefire lights are the only lights i run with on my firearms.

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    The ACOG of lights.......:eek:
  4. Dang strait!!!! Its all so water proof up to 300-350 feet. Cause you know, we all do under water operations. :p:D
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    We do get hurricanes here.....:D

  6. I feel the switch is a bit stiff and a little difficult to use bare handed. The momentary switch requires a bit more pressure than I feel it should, and is a bit "pointy" or sharp to me. Granted, a momentary switch is just that, momentary. Only supposed to be actuated for 1-3 seconds at a time, but over 10-15 presses, it takes its toll on a fingertip.
    The constant switch is a bit cumbersome and stiff as well. It takes quite a bit of conscious thought to activate and deactivate. It may likely improve with practice and use, as it is brand new. I am hoping the switch loosens up a bit.
    I feel it may be a bit TOO bright for use in home defense at night with light colored walls. It would be awesome outdoors or in a large warehouse, but anything under 10 yards will likely be blinding for the shooter. Will definitely blind a bad guy at night, which is good. I just worry about vision recovery when scanning inside at night. I would think that half the output would be perfect for inside a dark home.
  7. They do make a switch that replaces the back part. Puts the activation switch on the grip.


    Yea the switch does loosen up a bit after you use it a bit.
  8. Yeah, I saw that alternate switch as well. It's another $100, though. Glad to hear the switch loosens up a bit. Hopefully a single two or four night shooting course will correct that. Overall, I am impressed with the quality of the light.
  9. Yea most surefire lights are expensive but quality does come at a price.

    The good part is the 123A battiers has a shelf life of 10 years.
  10. Update: the light on the end does make a difference in felt recoil. It seems like the follow up shots are easier as well.
  11. Yea i didnt mention that cause I wanted to see if you could tell the difference.

    You can hold your glock ( unloaded of course) and take the light on an off and you can tell the difference in the weight with it on an off.
  12. I have the Surefire X400 Ultra, 500 lumen light and green laser combo. It is mounted my home defense Sig P220 Equinox. A very nice light/laser combo.
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    Seems like the down fall is the holster and carry problem. I solved this by purchasing a $30 surefire pen light. If u ever need a light and a gun (very unlikely) then I simply hold the gun with one hand, pen light in te other perched against the slide. Easy and cheap. I practice in live fire houses with this setup and it is so much better than a weapon light in my opinion. Weapon lights make sense on rifles and sometimes shotguns. Not so much handguns.
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    500 lumens is a LOT. I wish they made a 100-200 lumen version of the x400 (maybe the x40) that was in the $150-200 range. I'm all for paying for quality, especially for something made in the USA. These are out of my price range for a gun light though. I'd be halfway to getting another Glock at $300. It's a really nice looking light though - as far as fit and finish goes, I think these are the best on the market.
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    Surefire has announced the new XC1 light. This a compact, 200 lumen light that runs on a single AAA battery or rechargeable NiMH battery. No idea as to the price.
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    If you aren't stuck on a Surefire light, take a look at the Streamlight weapon lights. Offer just about the same lumens at half the price. I've put over 500 rounds through my G19 with the light on and it still functions fine with no issues.
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    I think I willed this to happen. Yep, I'm going with that. Thanks, I'll be on the lookout.
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    Yep, best light of all it is, but too big, especially for EDC and too powerful for insides IMO. I chose the CT Rail Master CMR-202
  19. Agreed, mostly. I used that technique during a night shooting class and I can tell you that it causes fatigue rather quickly. The biggest problem I see with operating this light as I've been trained, is getting off the switch and back on the trigger with the trigger finger smoothly and quickly while taking an accurate shot. I use that index finger for the switch and the trigger, which presents the obvious conundrum…light OR trigger, unless I click it to constant on. However, as with everything, will take practice and training.

  20. I operate the light with the thumb if my support hand. I have big hands so it works for me.