Super Bowl!

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  1. So what is everyones plans? Who are you voting for?

    I'm expecting NY to take the win, but as a Steelers fan I am voting for Brady and company for taking that idiot Tebow down a few pegs.
  2. MarkJ1979

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    I'm thinking NY... Big party planed

  3. I usually have a big party, but this year my other half is 8 months preggo so I'm going to cook for her and sit back with a few home brewed IPA's
  4. MarkJ1979

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    Ya I guess my friends are going to throw a big one this year so I'm gonna go. But I bet I get stuck at the BBQ cooking while my lady drinks ad the kids play.
  5. MarkJ1979

    MarkJ1979 New Member

    I want to get into home brewing is it easy to start? And I'm looking at the glock 30 what are your thoughts?
  6. Home brewing is INCREDIBLY easy to start. The best way for any new brewer is a kit, and a good startup kit will come with solid instructions and a guy who will answer the phone even at 10pm if you have questions mid-brew. My buddy Jeremy is that guy, and he runs Call him and tell him Steve/Nukin sent ya that way and he will hook you up with a great deal with everything you need to start, and it's not too expensive.

    Once you are ready to get rolling check out

    As for the G30, I have no experience with it.
  7. SHOOTER13

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    Well, I know next to nothing about home brewin'...

    But I've been carrying a G30SF as my EDC for going on two years and can honestly say it's one
    of the lightest, most reliable, and easiest carrying .45's I ever staked my life on...
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  8. I really hate teblow. His whole Christian persona is an act.
  9. I honestly don't think it is, but I find him pretty obnoxious. My buddy worked sideline security at the NE/DEN game and a freelance reporter asked Brady something about Tebow at half time. Brady stops and goes "What's a Tebow??.....Leave me alone I'm breaking records over here".

    Gotta get him to send me the cell video of it, but he's not supposed to record anything so he's been refusing thus far. You can tell Brady is so sick of the Tebow hype.
  10. iGlock

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    Tebow who :D lol
  11. Flairsr

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    C'mon guys everyone knows a Teebow is what you use to record your TV shows on...
  12. Boracay

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    Big blue all the way.. Go giants!!!
  13. MarkJ1979

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    It's funny we'll not really I had the G30SF for almost a year loved the way it felt just never shot it. Then sold it to my friend when work slowed down to get some extra cash. I was thinking about getting it again for EDC.
  14. I don't think it's an act, he's just really naive and rather stupid in the ways of the world :: sheltered and lied to his whole life.