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    looking to get a subcompact glock either the 33 or 27. my question is is there a subcompact glock model i can get that will accept another barrel making it able to shoot other caliber. in theory i would like one sub compact glock model to be able to shoot .357 sig, 40 s&w, and/or 9mm and .45ACP or more. i know thats a huge range of calibers to try to fit one gun but i didnt know if it was possible, ive read out there that you can change barrel between models just didnt know what ones... any info would be awesome
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    You can get a 9mm conversion barrel for the G27 and shoot for half the price.

  3. 10mm Auto and 45acp are on the Large frame so you can't shoot those calibers on the Smaller 9/40/357 frame guns but sure, you can get a G27 and get a 357Sig barrel for it and a 9x19mm barrel for it and it should work fine. Between 40S&W and 357Sig you should even be able to use the same mags.
    Personally though, I'd rather get the G30 and hopefully someone will bring out a 400 Corbon barrel for it at a later date. I'd love one that'd be extended with the two ports on it. Think that'd be a killer way to get 10mm Auto ballistics out of a 45acp Glock without the extraction problems.
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    Welcome to the forum TYferris! If you want? Maybe drop by the Intro. section and tell us a bit about you and your Glocks? Enjoy the forum!