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I have both, and prefer the 27. I also have a pf9 too. The G27 doesnt have the recoil of the pf9, plus you get the .40 ballistics. I dont think the pf9 is snappy, but many do. I dont feel the 27 or 26 are snappy either, but some complain about the 27. I dont get that at all. I'm guessing that you won't have a problem with the 27 if you are OK with the PF9, but if you are recoil sensitive that might be a consideration. The 26 holds another round over the 27- 9mm is sufficient if you ask me. My wife carries the 26 and I carry the 27. She loves the 27 too, but i'm not giving it up. I pocket carry the pf9 when the 27 is too bulky or when I'm not wearing a belt. I say keep the kahr and save and buy the one you want. I like 9mm just for the simple fact of cost. It is cheaper to practice with. A littly bit of info and opinion that may help you decide.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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