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    Person of questionable intelligence - "I can't believe they allow Glocks in the United States. They don't have any steel so you can walk straight though a metal detector with them. They don't have a safety and are completely unsafe."

    Me- "And what planet are you from, sir"

    Anyone else get BS like this?
  2. LMAO! That's a cool concept! An "all" plastic gun! How right you are, what an idiot!


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    Remember that home-made all-synthetic handgun portrayed in the movie _In the Line of Fire_ (with Clint Eastwood, Renee Russo and John Malkovich)? Eastwood's secret service character attempts to prevent Malkovich's character from assassinating the president. Hollywood sensationalism aside, what's the possibility of a handgun like that that works?
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    Haha. I get crap all the time at work for buying a Glock. People saying it looks like a toy, and then saying my 9mm wont do any damage and I will need my 33 round magazine to stop someone.
    I'm not insecure with my shot and I am confident I can drop someone attacking myself or family.
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    My money says it only works once, at short range. I mean barrel pressed to the target. If you can find something hard enough to impact the primer. The barrel would melt with the first shot, and the rifling would melt as the bullet passed through the barrel.
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    When the world meets its apocalypse, those are the people that will not survive. I will survive.
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    The same thing can be said about the SAT or ACT ;)
  8. Argyle64

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    See, I dominated those things, but yet I'm still "gun smart". ;)
  9. Carbon fiber.
  10. That was all the media talk when glock first appeared in the U.S. back in the day. A LEO colleague in Southern CA even thought that when I obtained my gen 1, 21.
  11. Webphisher

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    You can thank one of the Die Hard movies for that ****.
  12. jimmyalbrecht

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    This is called ignorance not stupidity. Ignorance could be repaired with correct information. On the other hand, there is no fix for stupid.
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    All plastic guns have been made for years. You can buy them at Toys-R-Us.
    I don't recommend them for self defense though, unless your attacked by the wicked witch of the west.
  14. Augi

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    Excuse the double tap.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper


    I would like to see a real, 100% metal fee, fully operational firearm. It would be an interesting piece to any collection.
  16. bigben

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    I'd hate to be the guy that had to test that one out. :)
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    The only way to accomplish what they attempted would be to use all plastic, including the cartridge case and bullet. While plastic cartridge cases for rifle rounds have been developed, and while under the right circumstances, I think a plastic round could be made and it would even do the job, attempting to use it would lead to loss of whatever hand was holding it.

    It wouldn't even really work once. Well, I suppose if you were holding it up close and personal, it might, the whole thing would simply blow up when the primer ignited the powder.

    Remember that when you fire a round, the brass of the case expands to fill the chamber, which is why brass has to be resized for reloading. Expanding inside a plastic chamber, there would be nothing to limit how far it could expand.

    Ultimately, if it launched the round, which I'm not sure it would, the gun would remove several fingers, if not your hand.

    Not to mention, the plastic shrapnel would be launched into other body parts.

    That might do the job of igniting the primer, but then it would be launched back into you!
  18. KeenansGarage

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    I second that!
  19. Gun_Aficionado

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    Or a ceramic alloy kinda like a Rado watch???
  20. Argyle64

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    They already have nylon bullets. You can buy them at several places. I know Speer and Harters makes them.