Stupid People Make It Hard For All Of Us. Must See Video Inside

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  1. This guy just threw his life away over some damn loud music.


    He had more then enough time to remove his self from the situation. Unless he was on his own property.
  2. havasu

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    I just want to know how one person can hold a handgun, a telephone and a camera, all at the same time? Yep, I believe this story is going to explode.

  3. Angry_Dave

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    This Is what makes the Zimmerman case so difficult for alot of people. He could have removed himself. The stand your ground law says you have no duty to retreat but it doesn't say you have the duty to pursue.
  4. GAgal

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    I can't figure people out. Why would he go out and deliberately start a fight with those people? His life was not being threatened by the music. It was probably very annoying but would have been over at some point in the night. This kind of thing makes all gun folks look like crazy people who just want to shoot anyone that makes them upset.
  5. dutchs

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    And now you see as well why cops hate going to these calls!!!
  6. odgreen

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    Honestly, guys we've gone over to tell out neighbors to turn down their music a couple of times now. An because we live in Alaska we all but sleep with our guns on. The difference is that our neighbors are not drunk!! They are just kids who have the common sense to listen when someone says turn it down and they do and we remind them again every so often. No cops, no death.
    As a Firefighter, this dude should have assessed the level of inebriation and checked himself back into his house ASAP. The escalation took place because of the drunks. You can't go toe to to toe with a drunk and end up NOT shooting him. I guarantee his stupidity will warrant a shot.
    Also, I don't know who these young Turks are but the last time my people dealt with Young Turks in 1915 they disarmed all the Armenians and laid into the first genocide of the 20th cen. So for these so-called pundits to make sarcastic comments about how "everyone needs to be armed and then there would be more people dead" is a chilling reminder to me. I lost 41 people in that genocide. I'll bloody well keep my guns and call the cops and watch a live version of COPS from my front porch when they show up.
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    Wait till they decide to turn the music off??? I don't think so. I wake up at 3 in the morning for work, wouldn't permit idiots to ruin my sleep passed 10pm. The way I would handle this is go and talk to the owner of the house, if he decides to be a dush bag and keep his music up than I'll let the law handle it.
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  8. GAgal

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    I'm sorry but my first post wasn't really very clear. What I meant was the music wasn't hurting him physically so he was in no eminent danger and as since he probably knew that the other people were drinking, he should have called the police and let them handle it. ODgreen nailed it when she said you can't win a fight with a drunk.
  9. The problem is i'm starting the think too many gun owners think their cops or something. You don't put your self in harms way and then try to claim self defense. From the video I cant see any time he had a green light to draw a gun. Knowing they were drunk and confronting someone who is drunk and unarmed and you have a gun is dumb on your part. They are going to try to nail this guy to the wall. When he gets time to cool down he will see how stupid this is.
  10. odgreen

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    BECAUSE he could tell they were drunk he is going to be held liable for not thinking this through. Ugh. Calmer heads and all that jazz.
  11. GAgal

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    Yep. He will.
  12. I am with Havasu, how is it possible to do all he was doing at the same time. Hands free phone, GoPro helmet cam and a gun drawn?

    There is probably a backstory where these neighbors have had problems in the past......which would, of course, be more reason to let the police handle it.
  13. wrpNYFL

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    Basically this guy is a moron. Gun owners have a responsibility to protect the public when carrying, but, not from music. He was on the offense with his weapon, and he killed a man. The gun should never have been drawn, unless he felt he was in imminent danger. Instead he used it to intimidate, unsuccessfully. The difference with Zimmerman, who was wrong to follow, was that he pulled his weapon after being attacked, not before.

    But that's just my opinion.
  14. Danzig

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    I believe this will be a teachable moment. I look forward to the outcome of this case. Either way I bet you he would take back the whole situation.
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    So the guy at the end of the vid that was laughing, got shot? It sounded like he was coming real close to the guy....
  17. DevilDawg235

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    Did he shoot iself defense or not?

    To me, this guy instigated this whole situation. Should've called the cops and stay the hell out of there. He obviously got out of the house with the intention of using his gun. Why would anyone record an argument over loud music if you didnt plan on using that video in court?

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  18. NT08

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    I agree. That is why we have law enforcement. If your neighbor is playing loud music, you call the police. You don't grab your gun and your camera and head over there. He was looking for trouble. He wanted to use that gun to intimidate his neighbor plain and simple. Plus, I don't care how many times you say "my life is in danger," unless it truly is in danger, you better not even think about pulling that gun out, much less pulling the trigger. Now a man is dead because he had to show everyone how intimidating he could be with his gun.
  19. NvRBanArms

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    I honestly don't think he shouldve walked over there and confronted them. He should have called the police again before resorting to arming himself and taking it into his own hands. Clearly, you can tell the neighbor was looking to fight him by the way he was approaching and talking to him. And that Rodriguez was clearly outnumbered. and it looks like he was attacked right before the shots were fired.
  20. Hollen

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    He did call the police multiple times and they never showed up. And it does seem like his life was in danger. BUT! He walk over there! And that I think will cause him to be found guilty.

    But the police don't always do their job. (around here anyway)! My neighbor pull a gun on his wife. (outside) and was yelling at her that he was gonna kill her. The whole neighborhood called the police. It took an hour and a half for the first cop to show up!! And instances like that allow really dumb and horrible things to happen.