Student Left in cell 5 dies: Almost dies

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  1. Never officially under arrest, left in a windowless cell with no contact or provisions for five days, forced to drink his own urine and suffer in confused isolation.

    People need to go to prison, and he needs to be set for the rest of his life. Completely inexcusable, completely illegal, completely f'd up.

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    What I can't figure out is how they forgot about him. Sounds fishy to me.

  3. They never booked him is my guess since they didnt actually arrest him.
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  5. Holy crap. Thats messed up.
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    Criminal negligence...
  7. They are saying his condition was due to using meth he found on his person in the cell, but here is my take:

    It don't matter. Had they charged him they would have searched and booked him. Had they done that none of it would have happened.
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    Sounds like someone really screwed up.
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    Bureaucracy at work fellas. The meth thing was not a sound tactical decision :O but somewhere between the hallucinations and attempted suicide it'd be hard to judge a person given those conditions. Thats five days of hell on earth folks and he couldn't kill himself and not for lack of trying. Who knows, maybe he was trying to kill himself with it or go out not feeling bad or more likely it would have made it worse? I know that mess burns up a metabolism and if it was cut with baby laxative that's diarrhea and more hell.
  10. The guy is suing. He'll win, and never have to work a day in his life. For getting rounded up for going out to do drugs in a drug house. Who says crime doesn't pay.
  11. He is not being paid for his own actions, that became irrelevant the moment the DEA left s man who was never actually under arrest in a isolation holding cell for five days with no provisions or so much as a hello. I don't really care what he did, even down to the most horrible of crimes, because it does not matter. This country has rules, and our citizens have rights. The police must be held accountable for violations of those rights. If it is in the heart of this man to break the law then the two will intersect again at some point.

    It shocks me how many people are perfectly fine with this. Does innocent until proven guilty mean nothing? Also it is hypocritical because if this was your family your opinion would be drastically different.
  12. Yeah, he will win the case and the officer who made the mistake will be placed on paid leave... Who loses? oh, the taxpayers... that's right.