Strong-side only reload

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    And if you are kneeling down and can't get your rear sights onto that slim leather holster, try the heel of your shoe to accomplish the same move, or learn to hook'em on your belt too!
    Yea, always practice with dummy rounds.
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  2. This is why everyone needs a strip a skate tape on the top of the slide forward of the rear sight.
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    I've never heard of this being done... Does it work well? I've always been taught and practiced using my boot heel or belt....
  4. Ooooor if you're a real bad ass.......:rolleyes:


    Old I know, it just kills me how the vid description claims stock spring. I've actually tried it to the point of almost throwing my elbow and shoulder out.'s not happening.
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    Never seen that before, freakin nuts.

    I tried it a few times and got the slide to move, but not nearly enough to chamber. The speed of his movement, and the fact that he got it done; he must have some insane ly powerful fast twitch muscles in that arm and shoulder
  6. With the tape you can rack on literally anything. I have it on every one of my guns. Heres one of my gun when it was beat up and dirty

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    Just did this on the G26, works great!

    .....Not lol

    I seriously doubt stock spring
  8. You can tell when he's moving the slide at the beginning its waaaaay easier than it should be.

    Here's another good real example of weak hand reload, keep in mind he's actually a lefty LEO.....

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    Our CCW instructor demonstrated this and a few other ways to do a one side only reload, as well as how to clear a jam one handed. Everyone who carries needs to know this.
  10. Everyone should know how to do a reload, slide action, and brass check one handed. And not just your dominant hand, both hands.