Stovepipe jams

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by NY.GLOCK19, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. NY.GLOCK19

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    I ran about 300 rounds of UMC 115grain rounds thu my Glock 19 yesterday and when I used my 31 round mag I had a few stovepipe hang ups ... Anyone know if what the problem could be ? Cheap ammo ? Or bad mag? Hope it's not my Glock it's brand new and I keep it very clean
  2. iRockGlock

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    Is the 31 round mag Glock factory? If not it could be one of those Korean mags which I heard don't work good.
    Also if it's a new Glock it might need some break in. But Glocks usually don't need to be broken in

  3. iGlock

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    Sometimes the mags do, idk bout the ammo tho, glocks will pretty much eat any ammo you feed it.
  4. rivalarrival

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    The only stovepipes I've had with factory ammo were with the combination of 115gr UMC and limp wristing when I was first learning to shoot handguns. Other symptoms of limp wristing my G26 included the shell ejecting straight up in the air, over my head, or into my face or body. With a solid grip, my shells eject over my right shoulder and land in an 18" circle centered about three feet behind and a foot to my right.

    I've had a few stovepipes, FTEs, and FTLs with some exceptionally light loads when I was learning to reload cartridges.

    My guess would be that the magazine just needs broken in. Oiling the slide rails couldn't hurt either.

    My glock ran good right out of the box, but it did break in and got even better after a few hundred rounds.
  5. I would agree with everything rival says. My first thought would be limp wristing or a relaxed shooting arm. You might be relaxing too much when shooting. Your arm, and wrist should be rigid. Rival's description is dead accurate. Firm stance, wrist, and arm will eject the brass behind you most of the time. limping it will eject it to the side or in front of. Glocks don't need breaking in really, but you did mention keeping it "very" clean, maybe a few drops of oil on the slide wouldn't hurt. Only you can answer that. I don't do my own reloading, so I can't comment on that, and I don't use anything, but Factory mags.

  6. rivalarrival

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    iGlock's comment about eating anything is also accurate in my experience. I've yet to find a factory load that my G26 doesn't love. In my experience, if it's vaguely shaped like a 9mm cartridge, a Glock will eat it. :p

    The handloads I had problems with were *extremely* light loads - the max load in the Hornady manual I used was only slighter greater than the starting load from the powder manufacturer. Hornady's maximum Unique load for a 124gr bullet was barely enough to cycle the slide reliably.

    (FTR, I found 4.8 grains was the minimum to reliably cycle the slide; the Hornady book says 4 grains minimum, 5 grains maximum Unique powder behind a 124gr bullet, Alliant and most other recipes say 6 grains is the maximum load. 5 to 5.5 grains works well)
  7. BullStar

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    I personally have never had a jam with my G19 Gen 3 RTF2 going through roughly 1600 rounds. A few male buddies never experienced problems. A couple female buddies that tried shooting my Glock stove piped frequently (about every other shot) due to weak grip.
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    I have encounter some misfires (about 3-5%) with UMC. I definitively don't recommend that ammo.
  9. carlspeed

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    The only issues that I've had were attributed to magazine issues. I had a +2 on a 15rnd .40 mag, and it didn't last. I shoot with Dawson +5s in competition, and have not had jams. Some of the stick mags do have issues, it's inherently difficult to stack that many rounds in a magazine design based off a 15rnd mag. With that having been said, I do have a few Sherer's that I've yet to have problems with, and an original Glock stick mag in 9mm that also has no issues.
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    Glock stovepipe?

    I have only seen it twice on the range, both times it was corrected by going back to the basics and grip control. Anything less than a "Firm Handshake" grip is likely the culpret, in my experience. This is not unique to Glock, however, I thought to go straight to checking grip as I have seen stove pipes in all makes with a loose grip/wrist.
  11. sgwicker

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    Try different ammo. I have a 26 and a 17L. 26 works; any ammo; any grip; just works. 17L is picky. I first used PMC ammo with it. Got FTL and FTE constantly. Paying closer attention to grip helped, but switching to American Eagle solved my issues.
  12. sarge108

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    Limp wristing is a culprit in a lot of jams. Lock your wrist.
  13. txmaced

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    limp wrist

    Only seen with limp wristed holds
  14. vansteen13

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    And once again.....limp wristing!:mad:
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    Umc ftf

    I had the same thing with UMC in a new G19 gen3. I cleaned it and ran other ammo through it without a problem but as soon as I tried the UMC again it jammed. I had other people try just to make sure it wasn't limp wrist and they got the same result. It didn't matter which mag I used (tried 4 different 10 rnd and one 17 rnd pre-ban). I switched to CCI blazer (steel case) and gave the UMC to a friend with an older more well used G19 and he had no problem with them. I've run a few thousand rounds of mostly blazer without a problem but won't go back to the UMC.
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  16. in the last three years of ownership I have had one F.T.Feed. But when you run a high quality gun you get impressive results...My baby runs everything from hot handloads to the cheapest stuff I can find.
  17. gearjammer688

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    I have put 1000`s of rounds thru my gen 2 glock 21 and never a jam
  18. Frenchy45ACP

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    I have never had a jam, but I would suspect the mags are the culprit in this case. I assume you have no issues with the factory mags,correct?
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    Stove Pipe Jams

    I have a Glock 23 gen 4. :D Last week I was at the range using 40 S&W 180 gr FMJ Lellier and Bellot rounds. First time getting a stove pipe jam. I did the usual quick rack and slide to continue shooting the silhouette target. I didn't know what to think after this occurred. :confused:
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    Only Problems ive ever experienced happened after i installed after market springs, trigger job, porting, etc Other than that my buddy and i run Tulammo thru our glocks all day long, its dirty as hell, yes but for sendin rounds down range its fine. glocks eat anything