Stood to close to a 1911. OUCH!!! Warning GRAPHIC!!!

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  1. My friend was breaking in his brand new Springfield 1911 today while we were at the range. I love shooting 1911's but bottom line I don't really know that much about them. It seems like the higher end ones truly do have to be broken in for reliability and really oiled up during break in.

    Well............since these were the very first shots of that 1911 I decided to stand kind of close to my buddy to watch the gun, watch how it was ejecting and so forth.

    I made a major range mistake and got a little to close to the 1911. Remember me saying how they have to be oiled up during break in? The oiling has a very unsafe side effect.

    I take full responsibility for the following. I was unsafe at the range today and I should have know better and paid the price.........




    LMFAO!!! I seriously abused my Glock by letting this happen standing 5 dang feet to the left side and slightly behind my buddy shooting the 1911 while holding my empty weapon. After I realized what happened I told him he needed a new oil pan gasket in that thing and maybe a new sending unit.

    It made for a good laugh and he KNEW I would post this on a GLOCK forum for a good laugh.:D
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    That is too funny! I'd start with the real main seal since it always seems to be the first seal to blow on my jeep! :)

  3. so his 1911 is like a Harley? leaking oil
  4. Crap......wish I had thought about the Harley thing at the time it happened.

    More like slinging it.
  5. lol
    Damn thats alot of oil
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    Question! What oil are they using? And they have oil filter? Mayby breather valve was stuck! Hey Thankx ,never heard before!
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    Yeah that 10w-30 makes one heck of a mess!
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    Hey Harley hasn't ever leaked a drop! Lol
  9. Euromax

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    Yep- no oil no leak ...
  10. Euromax

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    Did He had Silencer on 1911? He needs put Silencer in water before using! And He mistakenly used bucket oil for 1911!! He needs read owners manual....
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    HA HA HA! That is funny right there!
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    Maybe you should offer him a little kitty litter for his range bag!? :p I was just at the range this week with my G19 and wife (her first time ever). The guy next to me started a conversation regarding our respective weapons. Long story short... he let me shoot a mag out of his Wilson Combat 1911. When my woody went down, I thanked him very politely. He told me "No sweat", he was just trying to get through the first 500 rounds. He had waited 8 months for it and only had it for 2 weeks. I guess with a higher end 1911 it can take a while to break it in. I sure did't notice any oil though. Shoot, I almost forgot that my wife was even there...I mean, come on,it was a Bill Wilson, can you blame me?:cool:
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    Harley's don't leak oil...they mark their territory.
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    Now for the main question is the glock gonna be alright?
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    Much more of that and the range will have to install showers to keep people from ruining the upholstery in their cars/trucks, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Good one! I'm horse-laughin' here!

    P.S. Next time you're at the range with him, field strip your glock and hold it up towards him (as you turn your head away) and ask him to pop off a clip to oil up your Glock... then roll on the ground laughing when his face contorts, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Idea #2: hand him a can of 10w30 high detergent before you start: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Just jokin' around... That was funny!
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    Idea #3: hang a plastic curtain between the two of you, and at the bottom have a funnel taped to the curtain resting upright in a mason jar!


    Idea #4: Tell him if that happens again, you'll have to report a chemical spill!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Lord... I'm dyin' here, lol.
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    Damn, that Springfield straight up spat all over your Glock.
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    The question is, did you learn your lesson? lol