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  1. paulgy11

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    Its been 6 weeks, no cpl. I called and they said maybe 2 more weeks. Im in oakland co. Mi.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Is that a normal waiting period... for Michigan !?

  3. nyycanseco33

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    Not sure on Michigan but I know in Oswego County NY it can be up to a 4 month wait for a pistol permit here, luckily the courts were not busy and mine was approved in just over 4 weeks :)
  4. c1328chase

    c1328chase Member

    Here in ga, got mine in 7 days flat
  5. 6 weeks is nothing. They have 6 months and in Oakland they tend to use it. The people on the phone should tell you that, because if you get yours in under 4.5-5 months you should feel extremely lucky.

    Yes. MI has up to six months, most counties take 3 months minimum.
  6. paulgy11

    paulgy11 New Member

    They told me 6 weeks when i turned everything in. So hopefully soon.
  7. In any event I can tell you from years of CCW instruction in Grand Rapids and a few others that 6 weeks would be incredibly fast for any county in MI, and a world record for Oakland. My renewal in April of last year took four months.
  8. SHOOTER13

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    And there you are...

    Mine took a few days for the regional ( county police ) to do the background check.

    Then the drive to the county courthouse was longer than it took to hand in the form,

    have my picture taken and laminated...and drive back. Minutes...
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  9. yea thats how normal places work
  10. paulgy11

    paulgy11 New Member

    Well i just picked up my cpl. Double checked and it was 6 weeks and 1 day. I guess that's not too bad!!!
  11. Get down and kiss the feet of whoever you worship son cause that there is a Michigan Miracle LOL
  12. Thats why in the good old state of Indiana you should apply for "LIFETIME" permit!!! Took about 4-6 weeks and $136, but well worth it!!!
  13. I wish MI/MO offered a lifetime
  14. Oddball Gunner

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    It's been improving.

    A buddy of mine in Wayne County got his in 6 weeks, one in Ottawa County received his in 5 weeks and mine in Kent County took 8 weeks.

    There's new legislation pending that will streamline the process to a mandatory 45 days, a second level to the CPL that will allow CC in some current GFZ.

    I'm really hoping this passes!

    Oh and this just in: tasers and other EMDs are now legal carry for CPL holders! ( <--- applies to MI only, check YOUR state laws! )
  15. dougster

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    Anyone know what the wait time in Oklahoma is? So far I've been waiting 8 weeks.
  16. TheKraken

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    It shouldn't be too much longer. I received mine in 7 weeks. But that was 14 years ago. Lol!
  17. Glockmaster

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    Here in KS as soon as it hits the Attorney Generals desk he has 45 days to make his decision.

    But my app took 123 days!! Felt like a life time. But it was worth the wait :)

    I have been told the renewal here in KS is just like a DL go to the DMV pay the $25 and get your permit in a paper receipt form than 3 weeks later get the org in the mail.

    I'll find out for sure in 2016 when mine is due.
  18. Your in Kent? Who did your CCW class? I spent years in Kent, I will actually be in GR on Sunday & Monday. My original was issued in Kent, took 4 months.
  19. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    In GR. I took it at Silver Bullet.
  20. Augi

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    Frankly, I am grateful that they are taking their time if they are doing a thorough background check...some people should not carry guns, own guns or be allowed to look at guns. It sucks when it's your application and you want your CCL though.