STI GP6 9mm

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by Armando1228, Jan 15, 2012.

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    Today was my first day out at the range with this pistol, Ammo used Federal 115gr FMJ, 17 round magazines, DA/SA no decocker. Manual Safety, slide release and magazine release. First shot went through smooth and right on target, second shot and follow up shots all through the same hole, extremely accurate. The first shot really through me for a loop, thought the gun misfired, because it was so uneventful, next few shots it was a matter of getting used to a quick quick reset, very much like a tuned up 1911, I would guess 3.5lbs. The rotating barrel made even the hot JHP loads feel like butter, super smooth. Accuracy was great, trigger was phenomenal, sights ok small 3 dot system. $600 purchase was well spent.